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EXPERIENCE by Jasmine Kang

To find infinity in a moment, I find myself…

To find myself, I look into myself. I realize I can experience all of infinity in one single present moment, because I am a part of this great living drama we call "life". 


Today, tomorrow, and there lies yesterday.
Like a dream, it came,
And like a dream, it goes.
She sat and thought as the light touched her.

I am the watcher. 
Life is you and what you make it to be.
We sight stars, and it is passion that holds us strong. 
Touch the sun and moon in heaven, and reach for the skies.

The story weaver spins her yarns on her spinning wheel. 
There are tales to create and recount. 
One yarn after another is spun. 
Every color of the spectrum becomes One. 

As the hour glass of time slowly pushes its sand to the bottom
With it changes time as the midnight blue of dusk awakens to dawn,
But the sand stays all the same.
So, we come in many forms, but we are the One and the Same. 

She weaves in her reveries,
And listens to what nature has to tell her.
Every song has a tale woven within it.
Every form in life has its own story to tell.

Before me lies a future,
And behind me there is a past.
Infinite are these forms of nature
And the memories we have etched.

There is something to remember and something to forget.
There are days filled with reminiscences of the past long gone.
The future draws nearer as each moment slips away incessantly.
There is a moment to be lived: it is now.

Images of the past came to her mind,
And her future dawned upon her.
She felt the light again and remembered-
“Live in the present moment.”

Look before you, and you will recognize the vastness of the Universe.
It lies before one like a tableau within a frame.
Become a part of it, and one is caught in its colorful drama.
This is the experience of life.

Listen to the songbirds, 
Feel the rhythm, and breathe.
You realize there is more to life 
Than what you see and perceive to be.

There is a blessing in every moment,
A bit of it in everyone and everything.
So vast and so deep,
The Light within you embodies all of life.
Photography @Jacquie Lalita

Jasmine Kang is an artist/writer who lives in California. She believes in the Love of Radha and Krishna and follows the path of Bhakti Yoga. While her passion lies in art and creative writing, music and nature inspire her. Through her artistic and creative work, Jasmine hopes to share the beauty of life and bring others closer to peace and love. Her work has appeared in various art, writing and photography projects. Jasmine's first book "River of Light", an award-winning collection of inspirational prose, poetry and artwork, was published in 2009. To read more about "River of Light", visit Amazon. You can also connect with Jasmine through her website Moonshine Garden here, or follow her on Twitter and on Facebook

~If you are interested in seeing your poetry appear in this blog, or submitting a poem by a woman that has inspired you, please click here for submission guidelines. I greatly look forward to hearing from you!~ 


  1. beautiful, out of this world, touching and special!


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