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LOOK WITHIN by Jasmine Kang

 I have been searching for the meaning of life…

I have been trying to see for myself what the Truth really is. It is only then that I realize that It has always been with me deep within my heart and in my soul.

Life is not just that which is before one, but that which is in one. It is all in the heart. It is all with Love. It is the essence of what is.

Look Within

The face is changing in the mirror.
What was one day is not today.
What does one see? 
Is there more to the face than what is seen?
Do you believe? 
Belief comes from the heart. 

The heart yearns for the universal Truth.
An ocean breeze caresses me. 
The spirit sings in me, and dances to the tune 
That rings against my heart.
Every day is a guide into the self. 
It's like a song: a forever unending song. 

It's like when the wind blows again and again 
As if someone's calling you,
And you feel something
Like a raindrop that falls
And touches your soul, 
And everything changes. 

You want to fly away, 
You want to be free,
But freedom is not there. 
It is already here.
You only have to look within, 
And you will be flying. 

Life is such a mystery, profound and deep,
Like the depths of the oceans and the seas.
Even in nothing, there is something.
If only you could look inside and see. 
This is your home, 
The temple of everlasting love and light. 

Even if you're lost and lose the way,
You're not alone. You never were. You never will be.
We are all wanderers in the Whole on this journey.
We are all looking and searching for a way.
We can all find the way back where we belong.
Wherever you are, wherever you're going, just look within.

Jasmine Kang is a poetic artist who lives in California. While her passion lies in art and creative writing, music and nature inspire her.  Her creative work has appeared in various art, writing and photography projects, as well as in an award-wining chapbook of prose and poetry titled "River of Light". Jasmine hopes to share the beauty of life and bring others closer to peace and move through her work.   You can also connect with Jasmine through her website Moonshine Garden here, or follow her on Twitter and on Facebook.

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