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This poem is an exploration of divine creativity…

An exploration of those times when we are connected to something deeper within us. That connection can then guide us through the storms of our life and enrich our connection to the divine feminine, enabling us to find our most authentic, truest expression of who we truly are. This to me is the purpose (and challenge) of our lives!'

Dancing With Words

To know myself completely...
Trusting my own hearts calling!
As I stand here
Deeply grounded in MY beautiful body
This vessel gifted to me in life
Through which I express my deepest nature
Alive and free flowing
Allowing me to dance wildly in beauty
Of my own pure radiance
Allowing my natural self to always shine through!
Through the beat of the drum
Alive and pulsating
Connected life force energy
Creating 'me' through life
Nourishing from deeply within
I AM Beautiful, Passionate, Creative and Whole
Even as my feet dance through the mud in my life
Bare naked feet
Stamping out a tribal rhythm
The dance of MY SOUL!

Gently accepting
Nurture and nourish
Wrapping myself up
In my heart's loving embrace
I am my own exotic lover
Soul Mate
Best friend
Making love to myself
With gentle compassion
A seed inside growing
Birthing a more evolved expression of 'me'

Allowing in creativity
Natural abundance and grace
A sexually creative dance to my highest self
Being free spirited
Feeling my souls highest call
While dancing out this feelings
A gift of creativity and healing
Within it all

Imagine myself totally open!
Vulnerability blossoming like Spring
Giving away freely genuine smiles
Magnetic in nature
Like Moon's influence on the tide!
To truly feel I am perfect yet imperfect
That I am enough just the way that I am
Even if just for the smallest of moments
As I ponder the stars
Knowing they are a part of me
Focus on strength, compassion and trust
Instead of the trauma's
That shook me to the core
When just a child
So new to it all
I'm ready to dance through the pain
Kick off the shoes of my childhood
Dance to a different tune now

Look! The ocean sparkles
So cleansing and clear
Flirting Wildly
With the shore!
Laughter erupts at this playful delight
During nature's sacred dance with the divine
Or just sitting
Listening intently to birds sweet chorus
Sound penetrating the sky and all around
Like living in a jungle
Of exotic birds!
I can hear them from deeply within my own being
Feeling the Oneness
Calling me deeper
Look closer still?

Can I move past these limitations?
The beliefs I hold at my core?
Let go of all of these expectations?
Clearly seeing now
The self limitations
Born of a childhood spent in despair
Forgive myself of a lifetime's burden

After all I was born into the world this way
As I choose this on some unseen level
I can no longer myself betray
Never shown how to trust my own deepest feelings
Never knew I am sacred at my core
Will I ever transform all the darkness around me
Dare to step fully into my light?
Any anger and frustration
A catalyst to a new dawning
I shall dance a new 'me' into the world
Re-birthing and new chapter
An evolved story and perspective
Dancing a new being into the world
I shall transform the depth of my pain
Into something new
I have a thousand gifts to share
Creativity unlocked with some divine key
My goodness...
Truly feeling how beautiful I am
My own highest self
I am breathtaking
Truly splendid
As I now merge
Collecting the fragmented parts of my soul
Birthing a new being
Pulsating and alive with light!

It's amazing that I write and express these feelings freely
Put pen to paper
A nourishment for my soul
Little by little writing out all the darkness
Forgiving myself for not having all the answers
Stilling the analytical mind
Treating myself with an ever greater
Acceptance and grace
Acknowledging my own true self

Just let go!
Of minds ultimate destination!
Rejoice that I can just be my unique self
I am enough just as I am
No box or category to justify my existence
Just make a commitment
To pursue what makes me come alive
Tap into my innate creativity
Feel the rhythm through MY music
As I stamp my feet in tune with my internal rhythm
Acknowledging fully my unique song sheet
Absorbing each note, each sound, each rhythm
Expressing it ALL!

Until I feel …...
Whole and Complete!

Even if just for a glimmer...
One sweet second...
I shine...

But always dancing wildly onwards…
Through this journey of my life!

Gwen Potts: "I live in the UK. I love to read all sort of spiritual articles, poetry and especially anything written from the heart. Poetry has always been a vehicle of expression for me, so they are always written about things I am currently working through.  If you resonate and would like to follow my Facebook page and my Soul Harmonic blog here, please do! It's most encouraging when people read and comment on the poems! I hope they will touch many people and let them know they are not alone in the depth of their feelings, as others are experiencing the same, somewhere out there. You may contact me through my Facebook page here." 

~If you are interested in seeing your poetry appear in this blog, or submitting a poem by a woman that has inspired you, please click here for submission guidelines. I greatly look forward to hearing from you!~ 


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