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This poem is written at a time when I felt called to work with my throat chakra at deeper levels than I had before…

Clearing the vishuddha chakra, or throat chakra, can be of immense benefit in connecting and expressing who we truly are, so that we may show up in the world as our authentic true selves.

Vishuddha Chakra

Sweetest sound created
As you speak your truth
Honest self-expression
Springing forth from soul

Like a waterfall overflowing
With pure clear blue light
Cleansing, renewing, rejuvenating
Your spiritual birthright

At first your voice shakes
So afraid of self expression
That was lost in the years
Of humanity’s repression

Closing down throat chakra
Energetically speared right through
Strong metallic object
Blocking full truth

Stalling self expression 
Felt so humble and small
Afraid to shine the light of your soul
Far too frightened to fall

Energetic cord pulling
Releasing patterns of old
Finally letting go of control
No longer hiding soul

Now this clear voice center
Confronting what is true
Open and receptive
Seeking only truth

Feeling the truth in each moment
With humble self honesty 
Making the intention to heal 
A lifetime shackled by fear

Chakra open and swirling
More free than ever before
Creative self-expression
Exploding at the core

I wish to dance at midnight
Under the star filled sky
A celebration, releasing
Liberating negative patterns that bind

Throat chakra finally open
Bursting with your unique song
Resonating clearly
Demonstrating a new found Will

Cultivating this Will center
With courage, with light
Casting out all the darkness
That was keeping Vishuddha Chakra so tight

Giving birth to a new beginning
Self-expressive to the core
To the heart of what matters
Seeking only divine source

Communication freely flowing
A vortex of light
Cascading all around!
Transformation your right

Igniting the fire
Within your belly and soul
To show up in the world
Bearing your soul 

Clear, open communication
Sharing with all around
Connecting deeply with others
Really ready to shine

The smile on my face
Says it all I think
Now I see this is a healing
Not only for myself

It vibrates through every living cell
All over this entire universe
Changing each vibration
Just by being my most honest self

So do the healing
Liberate yourself!
So you can speak freely
Clearly expressing your soul!

Dance with me now
Lets build the energy
Write music, recite poetry
Sing from the depth of your being!

Dare to confront limiting patterns
Delve deeply into your past
Heal the patterns that bind you
Let's create something that inspires!

When you deeply recognize
Just how far you have come
Then synchronicity mirrors back 
Just how spiritually magnificent
You always were!

Like me, you may be blown away by the universe 
In her most divine wisdom
Truly power to move mountains
Resides within you too

This world can feel so challenging 
Connect to your own truth
Explore your own darkness
Until you finally break through

Then take a moment to acknowledge
Just how far you have come
Allow yourself to RELEASE
Truly Let Go!

The magic is all around us
It will blow you away
When you see this divine orchestra
And the synergy she creates

So take a moment to ponder
Rejoice in this moment
Letting soul guide you home


Authentically YOU!
Blue Lotus Photograph by Bahman Farzad

Gwen Potts: I live in the UK. I love to read all sort of spiritual articles, poetry and especially anything written from the heart. Poetry has always been a vehicle of expression for me, so they are always written about things I am currently working through.  If you resonate and would like to follow my Facebook page and my Soul Harmonic blog here, please do! It's most encouraging when people read and comment on the poems! I hope they will touch many people and let them know they are not alone in the depth of their feelings, as others are experiencing the same, somewhere out there. You may contact me through my Facebook page here." 

~If you are interested in seeing your poetry appear in this blog, or submitting a poem by a woman that has inspired you, please click here for submission guidelines. I greatly look forward to hearing from you!~ 


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