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This poem is about how strength comes from being truly vulnerable to the moment…

 Can we walk through the doorway of fear, with hearts wide open and face our darkness, even when it seems like it is most dangerous to do so? Can we risk having our hearts broken for love, risk it all to breakthrough the darkness into the light?

 This poem speaks from the depth of my being; it taps into my most traumatized self, and speaks to the confused, lost and alone child that hides in the darkest corners of my consciousness: afraid to trust, open and let go fully.

In this poem I challenge the perception in society as vulnerable meaning 'weakness' and delve into the pain residing in my heart for the lost inner child that waits patiently to be brought into the light.

There is Strength in Your Vulnerability

So long feeling separate from love
Not yet knowing that divine caress
Yearning from within my being
Such sadness in my heart
Bleeding love through every pour

Whole lifetime protecting from pain
Yet longing for the purest connection
Tentative steps like an afraid child
I hear her crying now
Deep sobs of anguish
Embedded within my soul
Sweet child so afraid
How to open to love?

These scars of my past 
Seem to prevail all 
Young child tentatively steps forward
Not knowing if it is safe to trust
A silent whisper calls from the depth of my being
Now time to allow in
Faith, surrender and trust?

I see you now
My sweet young child
Feeling so utterly lost and alone
Confusion circles your heart
So many years of abuse
Never knowing true loves call
Fear permeating all

You grew up in family traumatized
Yet there is no one to blame
As I feel into my heart
Seeing a lost abandoned child 
Hiding in the dark corner of my soul
Diverting yet guiding me on my divine path

Her eyes swell with salty tears
From the ocean of pain she had felt
Longing to allow in divine love
 Longing for safety and nurture

Child so naked and vulnerable
Yet wise as she remains hopeful
Don't give up on the path to healing
Or on the courage it takes to remain open

Understand the pearl of wisdom
Is locked tight within its shell
Wrapped up in a cloak of fear and loathing
There is the smallest crack
Where light seeps through
Capable of transforming all
Allow in the light of purification
As we both stand before the door

Finally acknowledging you, my innocent child
Truly seeing you for the first time
Expressing with clarity, honesty and openness
As I hold your hand by my side

Honoring your innocence with growing awareness
Allowing sadness in at last
Then finally it happens
We can breakthrough
As be summon the courage to walk on

No longer denying the pain of existence
Letting go of the need to hide
As we step through together
This doorway marked fear
Not knowing what is on the other side

Gently caressing the hand of my child
My heart contracts and opens
A release of pressure
Petals unfurl like a lotus flower
Bearing its center to the radiant sun
Letting go a little more of protection

With this new energy
Reclaiming the abandoned parts of my soul
Heart opens allowing in more light 
At last free to flourish
A beautifully awakened knowing
Such a beautiful sight!

A prayer flows outwards
From this heart space
Open to the deepest connection
First with myself
And then to others
Feeling nurtured and safe
For the very first time

Curling up in loves tender touch
True intimacy beckons at last
Pure love shared with another soul
Cultivating energy of the sacred warrior
Bringing strength with each footstep
I now hear love calling me home

Feeling stronger at my core
With each passing day
Getting clearer on what I deserve
Standing firm to the commitment
Made within my soul
To accept only
The truest connection and growth

Dedicated to transforming the old worn out patterns
There really is no choice now at all
For I yearn so deeply
To evolve through these barriers
That were holding my heart so closed

I can no longer accept anything
But an evolving connection
Anything other than this
Only brings with it
Sadness at my deepest core

Now as I stand naked
Acknowledging what was forgotten
Clearly seeing my most traumatized self
A gift, divine catalyst
Am I really ready to let go?

A thousand white horses
Gallop along the shore
Such power and courage 
To confront the pain
Transmuting this consciousness
Be brave enough to look deeper still!

 Afraid to break open
Sure there would be nothing of 'me' left
In this single moment
Pure alchemy beckons
As the shell so tightly held shut
Magically dissolved through my own courage
As the universe shows me
How to deeply trust

A new 'me' was born from this divine moment
Just when I thought all was lost
I burst through the darkness
Transforming, igniting my soul
 So alive and pulsating with light!

So let the feelings arise within you
Bringing conscious awareness
Into the depths of your being
No longer avoiding
Or denying the truth
Finding the courage
To transmute the darkness
That was hiding from the light through fear

Observing with an open curiosity
Just like an innocent, playful child
Bring forgiveness of self and others
Into the depth of all that you are
Invite vulnerability in your heart
As it shatters the void limiting your path

Only then the truest gifts can be revealed
Knowing every experience in your life
Lead you to this single moment
Growing stronger through opening to fear
Truth lands at the deepest of levels 
Self realized, becoming clearer

Sometimes the hardest of lessons
Come from a broken heart
Crying over a love that feels so lost
With no place to run or hide
How to let go into the moment?
Honoring each rocky road you travel
The path that leads to your light

Even though it can feel such a terrifying journey
Have faith in the universe
Open to the alchemy of your soul
Be brave small child
Take the first step
Even if trembling inside
A higher calling
Draws you closer
That which deeply nourishes
Cleansing your spirit

The earth doesn't need anyone to save her
Humanity must heal their own pain
All she asks is for trust in her wisdom
Allow in faith, surrender
Follow your heart

It is humanities calling
This path of transformation
Be dedicated to your own journey into the light
I have no clue what will happen to human beings 
Or even how it became to be this way
All I know is there's a path to healing
Through the darkness we must confront each day

This calling for me is a path worth walking
 Opportunity to change our darkness to light
Know that within you burns an everlasting flame
You can swim to the depth of you inner-ocean 
Capable of climbing the mountain of truth
As much light as the shining sun
Until you are free as a bird
Flowing on a jet stream

The most awesome power awaits inside us
You'll find it hidden within
Your most vulnerable self
I am sure it has the power
To transform all around you
Dare to look into the eyes
Of your abandoned child

There is strength in your vulnerability
The only true strength there is
Be brave enough to open fully
To be totally vulnerable
To each and every moment

Have the courage to do the unthinkable
Even when it feels so utterly crazy
Show up with your heart fully open
Don't shrink back from the darkness
Let love guide you to the light

For I am certain of only one thing for sure...

Humanity needs your vulnerability to spring forth!

(To hear a recitation of this poem by the author click play below)

Gwen Potts: I live in the UK. I love to read all sort of spiritual articles, poetry and especially anything written from the heart. Poetry has always been a vehicle of expression for me, so they are always written about things I am currently working through.  If you resonate and would like to follow my Facebook page and my Soul Harmonic blog here, please do! It's most encouraging when people read and comment on the poems! I hope they will touch many people and let them know they are not alone in the depth of their feelings, as others are experiencing the same, somewhere out there. You may contact me through my Facebook page here." 

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