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AN EXOTIC FLOWER by Aminath Neena

    An Exotic Flower I could paint the most exquisite rose From the gentle stroke of my mind, As the beautiful face of my mother   My thoughts flashing as silver ripples to glisten on my liquified lashes When I recall and remember   Her magical glow of rose pink, a glittering beacon in a light house Guiding my steps through all weather   Ever glowing -ever warming Always beside me as my shadow Helping me mold, holding her finger    Regardless of unpredictable seasons Her sweet fragrance still lingers rejuvenating my soul with such vigor   Just like it did as I lay within her unborn a fountain of unconditional love, she was that makes my heart flutter   Caressing the rough patches through the years with her sweet nectar for sustenance She was my partner, my soul sister     Her petals one by one had lifted me up  every time I fell, brushing the dust  gathered on my earthly cover   Till one fatal twist of fate Forcibly separated the chord That wove our souls together   Dispersing its shat
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FLAME IN THE SNOW by Ailsa Cawley

Flame in the Snow My feet are blue with cold As I trudge the snowy hills To find the signs of those gone Ahead, leaving wispy wisdom Like golden coins in the drifts Of feather-like flakes. Heart thudding as I hear a whisper. It is your turn to pick up the baton The lit torch in your path. Forge on with it: it’s magical light Guide for head and heart. My feet cold no longer I see. I am clad in shoes to protect- A cloak grown warmer around me, Heart steadier and surer That my path, however different, Is the right one to take... And so I shall. Head bowed I thank the ancestors, The hills and wind, The quiet-now gone-and a bird sings Heralding my newness. Ailsa Cawley :   I have written since I can remember, devouring the stories of Roald Dahl under the covers by torchlight. I have always loved fairy tales, myths and magic. A good deal of the things I write has some truth in it. Others, not. You may find my writings on my website  here , or follow  me on  Twitter  or  Facebook . *For submi

Those Who Tend the Fire by Carolyn Chilton Casas

Those Who Tend the Fire                      ~ after a line by Birch Dwyer   Your falling apart magnificence , say the grandmothers who tend the fire just for me,  is what we most love  about you.   You were never meant to know it all, be it all, achieve it all, possess it all, you were only meant to be  the beautiful being that is you.   They are dressed in long skirts, as I have always pictured them, they surround me with a yearning for their child come home.   They tease me to not take life so seriously, insist that loss is  merely an illusion for my learning,   but they have also seen the joy I embody from each and every day.   She’s the one , they whisper, the one who holds our love in her heart and carries it forward into the future, the one who accepted our gifts. Carolyn Chilton Casas   is a Reiki practitioner and teacher, as well as student of metaphysics and philosophy.  Her favorite themes for writing are healing, wellness, awareness, and the spiritual journey.  Carolyn'

INTO THE CHRYSALIS by Melissa Steffy

  Into the Chrysalis   Into the chrysalis once again the quiet calm has come to take me   It whispers softly in my ear drawing me away from chattering smatterings   Never fear though I disappear I am right here hidden cleverly in the open air   With the winds billowing through me as I am like gauze like a ghost like a specter awaiting the awakening   Tis the season when those pieces fall together and the magic bursts forth from us and our wings unfold and fill with dreams and flights fantastic voyages   Copyright © 2017 Melissa Steffy – First published in Big Sky and Broken Hearts , November 2017 Brooke Shaden Photography Melissa Steffy lives in Maryland and had two children. She studied Marine Science as an undergrad and completed her graduate degree in Computer Information Systems through Boston University, but there is a whole other side to her. It is best expressed in verse, usually with a bit of rhythm, sometimes happy, sometimes terse. She loves to play with the sounds and meani

IMAGINE by Joan McNerney

    Imagine    Imagine to be a bird slicing air with wings.   Up up over that horizon soaring through clouds away from solemn earth.   Shining, shimmering   far above this sphere into  clear blue light.    Cutting through sky gliding over oceans eyes open all seeing.   Awake all day all night brushing rushing  against the four winds.   Imagine to be a bird.  Joan McNerney :   Joan's poetry is found in many literary magazines such as Seven Circle Press, Dinner with the Muse, Poet Warriors, Blueline, and Halcyon Days.  Four Bright Hills Press Anthologies, several Poppy Road Journals, and numerous Poets' Espresso Reviews have accepted her work.  She has four Best of the Net nominations.  Her latest title is The Muse in Miniature ,  available on  and *For submission guidelines,  click here. *

THE VENUS WOMAN by Aminath Neena

    THE VENUS WOMAN   A true Venus born of a bone arose From the remnants of time- delicate as a rose Yet immensely powerful when defeated Courageous and defiant as needed   A hidden mystery yet to be figured out, she was Dark and forbidden as a graveyard at times, she was Yet so smooth and inviting in luminous splendor A valiant fighter to claim equality for her gender   An incandescent face often misunderstood during the day Yet persistent to survive in the vast majestic milky way  Those narcissistic red kings at times tries to steal her light Each time she stumbles but holds her composure in flight   The majestic star one day- reached Zion's mighty gate pleasing the guardians with the most exotic serenade  For underneath her iron core was a heart of pure gold unvalued and unseen by the egoistic man of this world   There, for her patience - a choice was offered as a bonus To culminate to one brawny Hercules or remain as Venus with an aphoristic voice answered she in absolute prec

WHISPERS OF GOD by Eva Marie Cagley

Whispers Of God Sitting along the river bank I watch the ripples of the Holy water Dancing to the sound of the rushing Rapids while crickets whistle a tune In the wind... I could stay here listening To the Silent whispers of God Blowing in the cool breeze. Sitting here by the embankment A rock for my chair to sit upon I meditate listening to God's whispers Talking to me... So beautiful God's nature here A God given gift to us all. Feeling God's breath upon my face.. I will stay here meditating Listening for God's words to fill my Heart, Soul, and Spirit... In the distance I can see Geese Pruning on a small island of itself. I am respectful of all God's creatures. Knowing I am Blessed to be  Living in this moment. Appreciating what God has shown me... Let us be silent now to hear the sweet Whisper of God! Dancing off the ripples of Holy water In the cool breeze... © Eva Marie Cagley   Eva Marie Cagley   was born and raised in Waterloo Iowa, where she spent most of he