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REVERIE by Renee Podunovich

Beauty is everywhere! Everywhere I look. Beauty is amplified by friendships with those who also see it in all of the small and large and in-between places. Beauty never hides, perhaps the mind fogs and can't see it, loses perspective, but then Beauty is there again, everywhere, always- and inside each of us too.

This poem is dedicated to my long-time mentor and friend, Sonja Horoshko at Art Juice Studio in Cortez, CO. She first showed me how to choose to see Beauty everywhere, even amid the constant destruction and chaos that is always concurrent. This poem is about our friendship and being artists together. The elements used here are a combination of specific details of each of our lives and they co-mingle inside the poem in a manner that brings me great joy. If you take one thing from this poem, let it be to sample blue cheese on gingersnaps! 

she lives by herself and hunts, but she is not a stray cat. she is movement, a nocturne, a blanket spread out in the park, a knife c…
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DARK MIDWINTER HUSH by Cheryl Anne Bratman

Always at the Winter's Solstice, these Great Beings I am blessed to encounter somehow come into a more crystal clarity in the cycles and elements of Earth, as well as in my own soul. Their stories circle round and round; a great, deepening spiral, to teach and lead us in the Ways of Love. 

Dark Midwinter Hush

Sun of the Seasons
Greater Light
Do not hurry
Do not rush to show
For I am happy here
In the dark midwinter hush
Enfolded in the comfort of
The Lady’s blue-black
Star-speckled cloak
Oh, to still the wheel
A wondrous while
At this calm and splendid spoke
Son of the Highest
Light of the World
Do not hurry
Do not rush to grow
For I am happy
With You in the manger
Far from all Your destined danger
Clutched now safely
To Your Mother’s Breast
Oh, to stay right here
A wondrous while
In this quiet, starry rest.

Cheryl Anne Bratman: As a very young girl, I discovered the magic of turning my observations and swirling thoughts and feelings into poems and songs. The love of language; spoken, sung, and written, an…

SWADDLED by Ruth Calder Murphy


Just breathe -
- deep -
till your lungs become worlds
where dreams grow
and new life begins -
out - completely -
till nothing is left but another new start.
Just listen -
listen to the beating of your own insistent heart -
when there’s nothing else to say or do
that can be said or done.
Allow your mind the liberty to run
- to fly -
and open up your inner eye
to vast infinity.
Just know
the swaddling bands of such deep mystery
that hold us here in our humanity
- immanent Divinity -
and feel the touch of more beyond:
transcendent liberty.

Inhale the fragrance of fresh-laid hay
and hear, from far away,
the distant chorus of a Heavenly host.
There’s more than our wildest philosophies can dream
in Heaven and Earth.
We’re swaddled, all
- cocooned -
waiting for another rebirth.

Ruth Calder Murphyis a writer, artist, music teacher, wife and mother living in London, UK. Her life is wonderfully full of creativity and low-level chaos. She is the author of two published novels, The Scream and The Everlasting Monda…

WOVEN AS ONE by Lauren Love

Woven as One

We as One, yet it's only just begun.
Cut from the same cloth, Spun from same web.
Recognition beyond the face, woven together throughout time and space.
A Celestial Dream, unfolding beyond our eyes.
Beyond the stages, Beneath the signs.
A melody divine, not yours nor mine, beyond all time.
The beloved is found within our divine merging, graceful timing, harmonic rhyming.
Revealing the Godly essence of our hearts and minds.
It is our rising time: Together in God's embrace, The One Divine Face

Lauren Love: Lauren works as a Montessori Teacher and Carer of Magical Babies. She is passionate about holistic education for little ones and her intention is to empower and inspire the children and encourage them to develop their innate inner gifts. Lauren feels that teaching kindness, collaboration, creativity and connection are just as important as academic subjects and enable our children to blossom into loving, confident and self empowered adults. The children are the future of our planet and i…

LET US DANCE by Tammy Takahashi

Let Us Dance

There's a little voice,
a little self inside you,
and she loves, he hopes,
they are filled with wonder,
we are itching for more
because we know, we sense,
we feel how abundant
the world is, and we are.

There are tiny buds
and voluminous blossoms
sprinkling the planet,
and this is delightful
as they come and go,
as in the fresh spring wind,
they dance.

There are small hills
and the grandest mountains,
elegant and momentous,
still as a Buddha,
and slowly, with the long view,
they dance.

The rivers in flow,
the oceans capturing
all our momentum
as they crash and retreat,
carry, reflect, lie still,
and dance
under the sun, then moon,
which are always
dancing with each other
to give us our moments
of bright and shifting light.

We are called, we are pulled,
we are beckoned to dance.
We want to dance,
we are inspired to breathe
with the world,
in constant motion;
nothing stays, rests for long.

May we rest when we can,
and then,
let us dance.

Tammy Stone Takahashi is a writer, poet, photographer and student of life. H…

THIS IS THE DAY by Ruth Calder Murphy

This is the Day

This is the day;
- a day of breaking forth and rising up,
of angels sitting on weighty analogy,
spilling glory like gold -
and all the stories ever told
have a place to live and breathe and stay,
in the garden of Today.

This is the day when Connections come to life,
Divinity rises with the Sun
and Darkness rolls away -
when all the threads of all the webs
that were ever once begun
are drawn into dew-decked-dazzling perfection
and Resurrection has its way.
This is the day
- the Day where shadows on the walls of caves
blaze to bright reality -
the day where every other day can be
for ever and eternity;
where dark and light and life and death
are balanced in every single breath -
where Humanity meets Divinity
and Paradise is given birth
right here, right now,
on Earth.

Ruth Calder Murphyis a writer, artist, music teacher, wife and mother living in London, UK. Her life is wonderfully full of creativity and low-level chaos. She is the author of two published novels, The Scream and The Eve…


Living Radiant Heart

it starts in a hut deep in the
winter woods
my feet on the ground  
fists shaking the air 
mouth sounds howling 
woolen threads unravel me here
a small shelter
feathers and trinkets
sticks and mud
spinning blue pearls
unending stitching
on a map
radiant and glistening
beating and visceral
sacred knots and knowing vessels
each round christened by a tear
a cluck cluck clucking
a clock
each one held in a holy longing
by the in: pulsing
of the connection
soul’s longing
wilding running leaping
living radiant heart
it starts in a bed
made of rivers and rocking chairs
masts of sailboats gliding through glass
over ghosts and spirits
laying sleepy
nothing to grasp
and I am finally
now: here
forever moving towards the one
we collide
living radiant heart

Lana Maree Haas is a Kirtan Artist, Singer, Songwriter, and Poet. She is a massage therapist and also practices Reiki and Sound Healing using Reiki and her voice. All of her life she's had melodies coming to her, and through he…