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In a Heart-Shaped Lagoon

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.”  Aristotle
The pull of the moon lures me into the heart-shaped lagoon: magical gateway  to the realm within. Stars of many colours gravitate around me and crystal-tinged moonbeams ignite and surround me in this baptism of light. Releasing her symphony  of earthly rays; her ethereal beauty  leads me astray. Yet I find myself  in this lost lagoon as stroke after stroke I swim in tune with the waters. Twirling with delight I ascend a cascade of lyrical light. Merging with peace witnessing such joy bathing in Her eternal seas of grace. ~ (This poem comes from Anita's recently released book,Rose Petals Floating Downstream, a collection of spiritual poetry to uplift the soul.  Centering around 4 main themes: the natural world, the play of life, transformation and prayer/supplication, it echoes the spiritual journey from outer to inner.  For more information, visit: Rose Petals PaperbackorRose Petals eBook.)
Anita Neilson is a Writer, Spiritua…
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SLOW EVEN BREATH by Danielle Kreps

Slow Even Breath

Walking along a wooded path
In soft evening light
Breathing in the rich scent of Mother Earth
Space for the Sacred begins to open within

The slow even breath of forest life spiralling into body and memory
Calling to my ancient wise one who patiently tends the fires of Spirit
Connected with this deeper fullness
With light streaming in soft rays through the trees
With the rise and fall of Mother Earth’s breath
Purpose falls away and I am graced with
The simple beauty of Being

Danielle Kreps is a Plant Spirit Healing Practitioner, Flower Essence Maker, and Teacher in the Kingston, Ontario region. Writing, wild crafting Flower Essences, and connecting with and singing the spirit songs of the Divine Feminine, Mother Earth, and her Plant  Allies are just a few of her passions. You can learn more about Danielle at her website

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AUTUMN by Nannette Schweig Hoffman


Lazy on the trees
balanced in the sunbathed air
flowing over grass
like memory-

soft gusts of chill and sweetness
mix her palette
painting sky crisp
circled in clouds to offset
the warmth:
yellow, orange, red-

one clap of her powerful hands
washes millions of leaves
onto upturned faces;
who glance-
minutes here, minutes there-
not much time to spare,
to catch something of her

Nannette Schweig Hoffman: Nannette was a fine artist, teacher and poet, who passed away on December 9, 2010 at the age of 81. She was a native of New York City and had lived in the D.C area for 40 years before moving to Virginia in 2002. Nannette received her B.A from Hofstra University, her M.A in English from Georgetown University, and was a Master Copyist of Fine Art at the National Gallery of Art in D.C. She loved children and had one son, two daughters and four grandchildren. (Her daughter-in-law hosts this site) It was Nannette’s passion to inspire others to nourish their c…

WOMAN'S WISDOM by Rhea Ruth Aitken

Woman's Wisdom  
How does she nourish a hungry soul? When the pains are raw Biting at her, unbidden Making her want to scream  Loud and wild Desperate and wanting.
How does she feed an empty space? When all is elusively floating Unobtainable and distant Out of her reach Yet are desired so deeply Flame red and burning Inside of her very core.
How does she begin?  To become the woman That is impatiently waiting  Her pleading eyes, her piercing cries Hands reaching far, not yet touching To bring her to that knowing                       Of her soul's desire.
How does she placate the screams? And nourish the need                    For that knowing peace  When she walks a labyrinth Blinded by high walls And blocked pathways The essence of her Imprisoned in the obscured Sacred place she cannot see.
Only in the sacrosanct space of silence Does she so clearly see The face of her mirrored self:     In the depths of her wanting eyes On the lips of her starved mouth She sees the wisdom waiting  To unfold, to unlock Her abu…

SIT WITH ME by Carolyn Riker

I was invited to share a little about my newest book of poetry and prose, This is Love,written over several years. 
Last August I managed to slip off for three full nights and organize my surplus of poetry and prose. On the second night I realized there was an ample set of words leaning up against a pale amethyst pillow all dedicated to love. And in that sea of heartfelt renderings, I started to see a pattern of how This is Loveholds self-love, love of nature and the love lost and found in relationships. 
The middle section has sustained me over the years. The outer two sections have been stitched together by developing trust in self and understanding the variables of love are not always glorious but in fact difficult. When we love fully we can be hurt, betrayed, lied to, manipulated and in the end that very love space can become hardened or it continues to accept vulnerability as the magma of our heart’s flow. We recreate and grow. Flourishing has a trajectory of squalls, lulls, and jo…

GO THERE by Sarah Carlson

Go There

Don’t go there-  worst advice ever. At least it was for me. In truth, it became vital to go into  that which was causing my dis-ease. You can wrap it up,  store it away,  deny its existence. But there IS there, will continue to be. It’s not easy to take the leap, plunge on in. It can’t really be done alone, so you’ll have to ask for help. You’ll need support and love,  but when the time is right, when you hear the call or feel the tug, go there. You’ll learn and grow, gather what is necessary, enabling you to take

THE SIREN'S CALL by Anita Neilson

I was born into a God-loving Catholic family. We were brought up to believe in God, to be kind; we were taken to church every Sunday and other holy feast days. We followed the traditions of our religion like not eating meat on a Friday and saying our prayers at night before bed. 

In my twenties, when other responsibilities and leisure activities took up my time, I decided I didn’t need God. I was happy as I was! Then―like everyone else—challenges beset me and I became angry with Him. I can look back now and shake my head and smirk a little at the childish ignorance and arrogance of the person I was in my youth. What was it Jesus said about those people who orchestrated his death, “Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do.”For we are like children spiritually when we’ve turned away from Him. We end up not knowing how to live our lives and getting it all wrong in the process!

I certainly wasn’t expecting to come back to God. I believed I was living a ‘good’ life until ill-healt…