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There is a thought that ideas and inspiration come in from a source higher than ourselves. When open to its arrival this etheric essence merges with our being to transform into materialized substance, thus story is born. While this is true, the spark that ignites our being is also etched from the very pen of personal experience, creating a unique story that is all our own. This is mine: 

The Reunification of Self by Nichole Spinarski
I grieve for leaving you alone down there, without dagger or sword, without blanket or shawl. A frigid world incased in the fragility of your wanton thoughts. Inescapable except for the annihilation of self and the demons that occupy your house.
I grieve for the floods that have left you for dead. In a damp land of emotion, floating on a boat of tears, with no clear land in sight.
I grieve for the fire that has lost its spark. In a world where fear reigns supreme, and any ideas grand or small are quickly extinguished by the density of form that is too idle to move, and t…

UNTIL SHE RETURNS by Sonja Phillips