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DIALOGUE by Milijana Božović

We often do not really want to hear experiences from other people because it moves us from our perfectly closed capsule…
We are often afraid of what changes could happen. This poem is called 'Dialogue' but there is just one voice speaking, the other is there but it does not say anything. The other just absently listens. I believe that listening, sympathy and understanding are needed in this world.
What if I tell you that I inarm the Source many, many times while in sore impotence it inaudibly asks me to still be the part of a golden thread that keeps our place breathing.
What if I tell you that of my many eyes just one is for me while the others float in my presence to make from me a love nest, to warm me enough for transforming all the weeds into bursting buds.
What if I don't tell you that I'll leave tomorrow like many times would you nevertheless would you anywise remember me formless remember not knowing me and say you should have
felt me clearer?


This poem is written about the importance of the exploration into our darkest shadows…
This poem is about all of those things I wish to deny, repress and hide from. I believe that in exploring our consciousness this way we make it easier to step into our true selves, and out into the world no longer afraid to share our gifts for the better of all.
Dancing With My Shadows by Gwen Potts

Dark little pixie Dancing! Out of the corner of my eye Yet just as I turn it vanishes! Magically appearing on the other side
Black smoke billows Surrounding their impish bodies They giggle and laugh at me  As I turn around, not daring to look fully "What is your name little pixie?" "I am Grief", she replies Oh my! Conjuring the heaviest  Empty feeling throughout my being
The grief pixie Dances around my heart Blackness flirting with my consciousness Like a tempestuous dark lover Naughty little pixie stamping her feet! Rapaciously daring me To gaze upon it's eyes Dare to see all that they hold
This heavines…