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EARTH ANGELS by Krista Angelique

Earth Angels

I have witnessed, Earth Angels.
They different forms.  Sometimes, secretly.
Sometimes,  Loud and proud, like Mom. 
Like ones, in Colorado. 
Where mountains,  The lack of air, Where I look upon  The grace of being alone,  And also, Filled  In company,  Where I look at prairie dogs, bunnies, And hear owls singing to me,  Where I walk out and feel, Supported. 
Where, love truly is alive.  Where life surrounds me, Rather than money,  rather than emptiness. Rather than pain.
Tonight,  I lie pondering it all.  Dogs above my head, At my feet, With no harsh words, With a promise, That dance,

Cardinals by Krista Angelique

This poem arrived out of spirit, upon taking care of my mother as she took her final breath...
I cared for Mother with the help of hospice, in her home, where she wished to pass into spirit. We administered morphine to ease the pain as her body struggled in letting go. My mother and I shared this most tender and sacred time of departure in one’s life, crossing every bridge together, till her last breath, with my cradling her body, and holding her hand just as she had asked me to do. This poem is about Mother's animal spirit, the cardinal.
In Shamanism, it is said,  When a cardinal visits  It is someone from heaven Stopping by to say hello.  They appear in one’s life When they are in a time of despair, And also in times of celebration. 
When my mother took her last breath I already knew the cardinals would visit. The cardinal was her animal spirit And she loved their singing As she, too, sang beautifully. 
A dear person, Shortly after her death, Found a cardinal feather.  He gifted it to m…


The Holy Making of the Day

Balm for my soul small moments of grace  I open my heart to blessings flowing through me
Aware of my essence enfolding all parts of myself shadow and light  into the sacred whole
I return inside to heal breathing purpose and light  returning to innocence
This moment  impregnated with simply being  I surrender to love
The holy making of the day


(This poem originally appeared in Lynn's debut poetry collection, Back to Grace, found here)

Lynn: As a truth seeker, pilgrim, light worker and energy healer I write and run social media pages under the pen name of ‘Earthschool Harmony’. As a third generation poet, I was influenced by the wisdom of poets, sages, saints and mystics such as Rumi, Kabir, Hafiz, Lalla and Mirabai. Recently, I published my first spiritual poetry book, Back to Grace (December, 2018). It represents my personal journey of awakening and carries with it an essence of healing, love and light that nourishes the soul: an offering of scribed soul food. I am a…

A SACRED SURRENDER by Brigid Clare Oak

It's been nearly a quarter century since I first encountered the figure of Brigid of Ireland. 

She befriended me immediately and has not left me since. Hers is a beautiful, trusted presence in my heart and soul; a deep source of healing, inspiration, and encouragement. On this, Her Feast, I bring this offering, with gratitude and great love!

A Sacred Surrender by Brigid Clare Oak
Brigid of the Christ Light;
Keeper of the Eternal Flame;
Mother, Muse, Melder
of Home and Hearth.   Fair Bride, Fierce Bride;
Bright Sun, Mysterious Moon;
Star-clad, Sky-cloaked
Woman of Peace and Power! In this most pure and potent Hour,
and in All Moments, surrounding;
Be my lifting, be my grounding;
Be my gifting; my soul's true sounding; That I may shine forth
Your hospitality and grace;
That I may embody
Your warm embrace;
That I may with strength
the weak protect,
and with Your Light;
despair deflect.
That I may with
Your Dear Hands heal,
and forge connections
strong and real;
That I may drink worthily
from Your Well,
and wi…

ON A WINTER EVE- REVELATION by Alenka Korez Gajšek

This poem was born on a cold, post-holiday winter evening when pain was pouring down my veins, clearing way to the bright sunrise, which was yet to come.

We all feel like this sometimes, believing and picturing and seeking for that bright light on the horizon. I would like to offer this poem to all the beautiful women, reading and co-creating Women Spiritual Poetry, as a reminder to the heart that there is always light, no matter how dark it gets. 
That light is you...

On a Winter Eve/Revelation
Upon a cold breeze on a winter eve I lay all my despair,  Mother. I lay all my unmet hopes of actually doing something,  Father.
Take them all, tall empthy branches. Knit them into the finest fabric rising like a star dust above the high lands. In this cold winter eve let it shine to a lost traveller to be his guiding star.
Remember,  the pain can be purified like a sparkling mountain spring. May it flow may it wash in and out may it bring all that heals, ... Revelation.

Alenka Korez Gajšek I live in Maribor, Slovenia,…

REVERIE by Renee Podunovich

Beauty is everywhere! Everywhere I look. Beauty is amplified by friendships with those who also see it in all of the small and large and in-between places. Beauty never hides, perhaps the mind fogs and can't see it, loses perspective, but then Beauty is there again, everywhere, always- and inside each of us too.

This poem is dedicated to my long-time mentor and friend, Sonja Horoshko at Art Juice Studio in Cortez, CO. She first showed me how to choose to see Beauty everywhere, even amid the constant destruction and chaos that is always concurrent. This poem is about our friendship and being artists together. The elements used here are a combination of specific details of each of our lives and they co-mingle inside the poem in a manner that brings me great joy. If you take one thing from this poem, let it be to sample blue cheese on gingersnaps! 

she lives by herself and hunts, but she is not a stray cat. she is movement, a nocturne, a blanket spread out in the park, a knife c…