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MARCH by Caroline Mellor

The idea for the opening lines of this poem came when I was standing on a bridge in the rain, looking at a river which had burst its banks after an early spring storm. 

I wondered at how the river, usually little more than a stream, had become an unstoppable force. It made me think about all the efforts people are making around the planet to create positive changes, to build "the most beautiful world our hearts know is possible." (Charles Eisenstein)  

The poem is written in the spirit of honouring the land, the wheel of the year and the dynamic energies of the Spring Equinox, represented by the balance of light and dark, and the qualities of re-emergence, fertility and growth.
Alongside the devastation, so much is changing and emerging in this moment. The poem is both offering and prayer for hope. It is intended as a dream for the world, for the wild places and for future generations. 
Whatever offerings you are making towards a bright future, may they become a river in spring!

YOU ARE LOVED by Carolyn Riker

You Are Loved

Greens graciousness
witnessed the stones
where prairies parted,
lavender as the seas
of tiny humming leaves,
that clearly rang
on naked branches
and gathered me 
a sacred welcome. 

Next to a single tree
who reminded me
how the earth too is invisible,
yet incumbent in its sorcery
as tender roots recited hidden lyrics
passed along a warm spring breeze...

You are love
You are loved
You are loving

(This poem originally appeared in the author's third anthology: My Dear, Love Hasn't Forgotten You, available  here)

Carolyn (Riker) Avalani,M.A., LMHC is a licensed counselor, teacher, writer and poet. Over the last five years she has written for numerous online journals and has been in five anthologies. Her most recent book, My Dear, Love Hasn't Forgotten Youwas published in December 2019. This is Love was published June 2018. Before that she contributed and co-edited, Hidden Lights: A Collection of Truths Not Often Told, which holds 53 artists sharing their stories, poems, art and photog…