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 After finishing my first shift as a night baker at a local cafe, I was not expecting a magical evening to unfold...

I looked up to the night sky and was reminded that the stars are my witness. They patiently wait for us to look up, and when we do, our tunnel vision (created by our busy lives) dissolves and suddenly we can see, hear, and feel a divine presence we often forget. 

The Stars are my Witness  by Shailie Dubois
Arrange the freshly baked muffins. Check. Sweep away the microcosmsof hard work. Check. Wipe away the evidence of toil.  Lock the doors. Close the gate. Check. Check. Check.
Breath of fresh air {Pause} The chirping Frogs and Crickets replace my thoughts 
I turn on the flashy lights on my new bike and stroll the streets  It is dark and I am ashamed to say that the stars surprised me "Yes! We have been here the whole time!" Awe melts into a smile
The cool air whips past me  My ears, nose, fingers, and Spirit is touched by an enlivening chill  My brow unfurls  

STORM SONG by Cheryl Anne

I live in a region of the United States which is prone to rather intense storms in the spring and summer...
Some of the storms can be very frightening due to the potential for tornadoes. Most of the time I "duck and cover" like everyone else, but sometimes I feel a gentle presence deep in the seeming ferocity of the elements, and against all logic, I feel safe and held in that presence; the Essential Benevolence of Life. This little song rose up in me as I purposely (perhaps foolishly) braved those powerful elements in the midst of an early summer storm. I could not resist the beauty of the invitation, and so I opened my arms, lifted my face to the rain, and sang. 

Storm Song by Cheryl Anne  Maybe it’s a storm
Will take me away
Just as today
I seek no shelter The storm itself
Is my shelter
Making no room
For sorrow or fear The birds, they scurry
As my worry
Flees at the rumbling
That I hear And there is nothing
Frightening in the lightning
Just the flash of passion
That says You’re near.


TETHERED by Vrinda Aguilera

Ever since I can remember I have always felt things acutely...
Being sensitive to life and it's realities is a simultaneous curse and blessing, for there exists such a wide array of experiences: from the deep, dark chasms and valleys of suffering, to the dizzyingly high mountain peak cliffs of joy, the vast, wide open plateaus and stretches of everything else that fall in between!
One such platform that these polarities encompass is the dichotomy of the fact of human existence itself- to be an eternal, unfettered spiritual being yet contained in an embodied frame. These apparently contradicting forces push and pull, as I strive to journey towards my wholeness in love and light with harmony and grace. This life task remains for me one best approached with fearlessness and faith.

Tethered by Vrinda Aguilera
I am tethered By a rope to the ground Bound To the earth stuck tight Freedom denied Hands tied It's not right! Fight Fight to get loose Of this confounded noose Around my neck Keeping me in …


Nature always inspires me in my search for my inner self...
My spirituality is closely linked with nature. I especially sense this when I take a stroll into nature, amid the giant trees. I feel the wind soothing my inner soul, in ways that rest beyond what words can elucidate. This poem is inspired by the beauty of nature: its greenery and colorfully vivid treasures. I get myself lost in its lush forests surrounded by trees and gushing rivers. 
Trees: The Soul of Nature by Vidya Chetan
Trees getting cut day by day, yet we busy extinguishing our soul, breaking the habitat of birds. Where will our birds abide as we hurt our Mother Nature? Blindfolded to the blood oozing, from the trunks of ancestral trees, ignoring the pain of deep routed stalks for our self-centred advances!!
Wild creatures are being displaced, as we enlarge our castles. Weather is getting more and more intense, while we easily adapt with air conditioners, blindly overlooking our fellow beings inhabiting nature's lap. There, they…