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I HONOR YOU by Maureen Kwiat Meshenberg

I have come to a place of celebrating the feminine divine and the dear circle of women in my life…
Through the many shifts in my life, they are there to dance with me, shed tears with me and laugh with me. We hold each other in the sacred circle, I honor them in all the times we gather, and hold them all, so precious to my heart.

I Honor You
I honor you, dear woman- inspiration that, touches my soul. I bow to you, with clasped hands- holding your heart, close to mine. we gather in sunsets, by full moons, in the seasons turning, and we drum, to the beating feet- of our dancing. my offering, I now bring- I honor you, your beauty, your soul, your heart, your tears, that spill- upon my face. our laughter, that sings- when we hold, our circling- around the day, of our coming. in the time of, my awakening- you held me, in the sacred space- in the time of my breaking,

MIRROR MIRROR by Shailie Dubois

Where do you find the mirror of God that rejuvenates the self-esteem, restores self-confidence, and evokes spiritual beauty? 
When we look to the material world to gauge our beauty, worth, or success, our ability to see our soul's perfection becomes a clouded and distant landscape. What would happen if we threw down the man-made mirror of vanity and competition to peer into the eyes of God for our reflection?
Through these eyes, God’s eyes—with sharp clarity and focus—we would see a unique blessed soul with many gifts. Like all of our Brothers and Sisters we were created to shine brightly, together.
Mirror Mirror
Mirror mirror on the wall you are no longer mine a man made creation with a critic built inside Today I look to God in the rippling stream to see the soul's perfection staring back at me

Shailie Dubois has a degree in Psychology. She is also a graduate of the Advanced Shamanism Program at the Canadian Centre for Shamanic Studies. She practices Intuitive Prayer Healing, a combi…


My poem describes how relationships are often challenging yet truthful mirror to our own souls…
I’ve realized that it can take great courage to face our insecurities and open our hearts to love. We must be brave to allow greater integration of the lost parts of our soul, and dare to see and explore all the aspects of ourselves that are reflected in the other. Dance of Divine Creation
As I connect to your soul Looking deeply into your eyes  I feel the depth of my own burning fire Flames that dance through my body Igniting sparks of the most divine imagination
Creative synergy  A blending of energies Understanding each other completely No need for words Similar in spirit That needs no greater explanation In this place our souls rejoice and flow together Like a cluster of stars Intricately connected Sharing the dark night sky
Heavenly bodies sprinkled across this deep velvet night Rich and embodied Held by the love of the Universe Shooting stars streak through with passion! Alive for this single moment in tim…

THE VASE by Krista Katrovas

I’m missing her: my cousin. She's been gone since 1987, and still I miss her...
As I walked tonight in my neighborhood, on a summer day, like those I remember playing with my cousin, catching lightning bugs, I felt a wave of loneliness.
In the later evening, I held the vase and felt the spirit of her living on through a creation by her. It might as well be an urn. But it's comforting to have even after all these years. 

The Vase
I hold the vase you made, cream colored with daisies and butterflies, indentions you carved into wet clay. I cup it gingerly, possibly the last thing you created, before giving it away. Killed in 1987,  my best friend, cousin, only one year younger than me, I walk through life missing you, searching for my best female friend, yet always feeling left alone. We wore one another’s shoes, switching one for the other, wearing mismatch, feeling completed by the exchange, knowing no matter where we were we were walking in one another’s shoes. Like those half golden heart charms girls…

THE WIND OF THE SOUL by Nancy Carlson

This recent poem came to me from a reflection of “what is poetry”?
The question felt so wide open, as poetry has many facets. It also feels like a process, a creation or an unfolding of a deep knowing. It seems to have its own intelligence and principles of organizing, similar to the laws of nature. And if I allow it, surrendering to its flow, it manifests in the same way as all of life unfolds...from the most subtle to wholeness, completion.
Within the science of Ayurveda, there is a theory of the five elements, that everything in creation is composed of these elements. Starting with space and the expansion that comes with this. Followed by air, which like wind creates movement and direction. Fire then creates light and heat, allowing transformation to take place. Water brings liquidity, fluidity and cohesion...integrity. Then finally, earth brings form and structure, has been manifested.

Such is poetry and the creation of all forms, the microcosm of the macrocosm….

The …