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AS YOUR TIME NEARS by Vrinda Aguilera

As summer melds into fall, the weather starts to cool, days grow shorter, and the school year starts yet again. The cycles of mother earth’s seasons herald these predictable and anticipated changes.

Just as the first autumnal moon of this year waxes, a major change is brought about in my life, an unpredicted and unanticipated change. A significant ending takes place, that of the passing on of my dear mother in law.  My heart grieves.

As my family and I struggle to process this unexpected separation from a loved one, I am drawn inward to reflect upon the duality that exists within the human experience. I contemplate the many cycles that we all must pass through- the many beginnings and endings. Of all of these beginnings and endings, what is more poignant than those of birth and death?

On the other end of the spectrum, a beginning is soon to occur in the life of someone else I know, a good friend of mine is expecting the birth of her first child.  For this anticipated arrival my heart celebrates.

We know through ancient spiritual texts that for absolute certain, these changes will take place, this cycle of birth and death, the soul’s journey through embodiment. Yet, we cannot predict with absolute certainty when or where in our lives these will occur. And so our hearts respond, we grieve, we celebrate, for, amazingly, we were created with the capacity to experience both, even at the same time.   

In memory of my mother in law and as a gift to my dear friend, two special women in my life, I offer forth these poems. I honor the beautiful beginning and gift that is given to only a woman, that of motherhood.

My heart celebrates....

As Your Time Nears

As your time nears

And you rest on your threshold of fullness

Seeing you in silhouette one may wonder-
Have you somehow swallowed the moon?

With each passing day
Your moon child waxes within your womb

Waiting to emerge
Like a butterfly unfolding 
from his protective cocoon
So that he may stretch his tender limbs

Approaching an end
Embracing a beginning

Of your journey into motherhood

May your heart be ever connected to 
and supported
By all of the women 
who have gone before you
Those who have traveled the same path
Of love in motherhood.


  New Mother’s Blessing

May you feel the warmth and tenderness
Of love so sweet
Gazing at your newborn’s
Soft, pink feet

May your eyes swell
As will your breast
Meeting your husband’s gaze
Over your baby at rest
Of fathomless depths
May you drink so deep 
From the overflowing well of love
Your heart will stretch to keep

A sacred blessing
I bestow unto thee
As your body of one becomes two
And your two
A loving family of three.

Vrinda Aguilera is a Montessori trained primary school teacher, an intuitive energy healer, a closet poet, and practitioner of bhakti-yoga. She is passionate about supporting women on their spiritual journey and is a professionally trained life-coach. She lives in rural Florida with her husband and three children where she blossoms in the experience of her own mothering. You may connect with her by e-mailing her at:

~If you are interested in seeing your poetry appear in this blog, or submitting a poem by a woman that has inspired you, please click here for submission guidelines. I greatly look forward to hearing from you!~ 


  1. These are so lovely. I hope the new life touching yours will fill some of the void left by the physical loss of your dear ones.


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