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This poem was written in June 2015 after my encounter with one of my twin flames...

To those unfamiliar with this concept, a twin flame connection suggests an astrological polar opposite connection with someone whose soul frequency and life purpose matches yours and who evinces astoundingly similar and complementary character traits. A twin flame dynamic involves mirroring each other and in this process painful unconscious aspects of our psyche come to the surface to be healed and reintegrated. This connection also catalyses a profound spiritual awakening to the non-dualistic nature of reality. Oneness is a concept evocative of the interconnected web of intelligent and creative energy which permeates everything in existence – otherwise known as God, Source, Great Spirit etc.

The poem "Learning How to Swim in the Ocean of Oneness" announces my struggles and challenges, breakthroughs and revelations and my expansion of consciousness experienced as a result of the twin flame reunion. It was a time of profound inner shifts. Limiting ego-constructs of self entered the process of decomposition and an internal alchemy started taking place. From selfishness to service, from ignorance to knowledge, from addictive compulsive behaviors to the cultivation of self-love, from victim consciousness to self-empowerment and responsibility, from left-brain rational authoritarian control to a more fluid, organic, expansive and heart-centred view over self and reality.  

Since the writing of this poem, I have stepped more fully into my life purpose: that of aligning myself with my heart's truth, and universal truths, and helping others on  similar journeys. I accomplish my mission with the aid of my energy therapies, teachings and writings.

Learning How to Swim in the Ocean of Oneness
by Bristena Georgiana Mantu

One day I found myself
On the verge of an idea
I was toying with tentatively
For what seems now like eternity
Or a fleeting second? Ah, the paradox of time.

It was a big idea, all-encompassing
Infinite in its finitude, finite in its infinity…
Its seed planted in the fertile soil of my soul
Consciously not so long ago,
Unconsciously since the dawn of ages…
It was the idea of Oneness.

Another day the seed cracked wide open
As its life spark birthed itself into manifestation.
So on the verge of this idea
the universe gave me a little push
to take the deep plunge within…
The universe commanded: here you go
learn how to swim in the infinite
oneness waters of cosmic intelligence,
there’s no way back now –
Learn how to swim or die trying.

Take the leap of faith
it’s what you’ve always wanted
and more than you’ve ever dared to hope
Because the magnitude of infinity cannot be comprehended
By the narcissistic constraints of the mind.

And then the idea manifested into action
At first all doubts, fears and terror rose up
To the surface in order to be healed.
Isn’t the surface of the water
Yet another illusion of separation?
It’s right to say then that it’s only the fear
That causes the separation from the One.

I started gasping for the air of previous comfort
Clinging to pre-established notions of security
As that was all I knew before: the prison of the mind.
The deep waters were so dangerous to my little ego
Desperately wishing for the illusory pillar of control
Which during any storm could be easily destroyed.

So I let go. I released attachment to the fictitious control
Still panting, still catching my breath,
I surrendered to the sweet waters
of the ocean of Unity Consciousness.
I allowed myself to be carried away
By the caring embrace of the ocean
I released my anxiety, my past hurts
And as I’m floating and merging with the waters
All scars are licked by the healing tongue
Of ancient infinite wisdom, in blissful revelation of the One.

What is trust? It is the safest vehicle in which
I transport myself through the infinite waters
Of the divine Mind,
In sacred vow on the Altar of the Eternal Now.

Dive deep…and you’ll see
All the fears dissolve, all doubts disappear
Faith is now my guiding star
Surrender is my sweetest pleasure
Expansion is my driving force.

It’s time to grow now, sweet child of mine
Whispered the Infinite Consciousness
Learn to ride the waves of life
It’s only when you fully surrender
That you will experience the One and All.

From idea into action -
Learning how to swim in the
Infinite waters of the Ocean of Oneness.

Bristena Georgiana Mantu has had a deep calling for philosophical thought and writing since early childhood. Born in Romania 21 years ago, she  moved to London in 2013 and since then she has been on a fascinating journey of spiritual exploration, personal growth and transformation. What brought her to the U.K. was the ambition of pursuing a law career, but after her spiritual awakening she drastically changed her career path and started building her practice as a transformational therapist. In the meantime she rediscovered her passion for poetry and uses this venue of expression as a healing method whenever she finds herself in turbulent emotional states, deep reflections, heightened states of awareness or spiritual breakthroughs. At the moment, Bristena is looking to expand her conscious healing business into the entire virtual world. In her practice as a transformational therapist she uses powerful energy psychology techniques – Emotional Freedom Technique and Matrix Reimprinting which combine ancient Eastern wisdom and modern psychology for the purpose of emotional relief, mental clarity and deep healing of childhood wounds. Bristena strongly believes in personal transformation as a tool for world transformation – the more we go within to find our true source of love and divine power, the more we can assist the planetary evolution during these times of awakening. You can connect with her via her website here or by joining her Facebook group – Transformational Journey Towards Bliss where she will be happy to support you on your own transformational process from low-vibrational dysfunctional beliefs and behavior patterns into a meaningful and heart-centred existence.

~If you are interested in seeing your poetry appear in this blog, or submitting a poem by a woman that has inspired you, please click here for submission guidelines. I greatly look forward to hearing from you!~


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