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EMERGENCE by Jen Walls

The loving essence of “Emergence” arrived when my inner-waves found me moving within my heart and mind…

As I move over my deepening reflections— alighting with a quiet, caring grace—I look within my heart’s silence to sing poetry. With a calm mind through well-springs gifting’s, I dance into each night and day, into the spirit’s placeless-place of immersions: flowing into divinity, coming aglow, alighting soul-emergence, for loving the Self inside of my living dream’s wakeful ecstasy.

As I allow surrenderings to fall away—surrounded with love—becoming quietude with loving nature – walking under the canopies of starry sky’s vastness, watching the winds flow into whisperings that tickle all through, even evergreens and barren winter trees. I begin to see my inner-blowing connecting with sparkling diamonds of heart’s recognizing love in gratitude that meet in a dance: a dance that births and dies with snow-laced dervishes caressing white clad hills… and star-lit skies.

I call for a deeper listening to soothe through breaths—loving all our energies as they roam to dance a-flowing, captivating into soul, offering all love celebrations, calling into soul musically, giving a merge into divine mantric revelations. I speak with soul more confidently inside. Then I go within the quietude of my realizations, with my heart bathed in spiritual grace. I birth all creative expressions—share ideas; laying down my fears and doubts, releasing a gentle softness that is sacred love, loving even the dissolution: death, and changes too.

Where I feel these lonesome moments appearing in me they reveal the soul: love as a resident presence, a tended patience grown for deepening to take root in a heart willing to truly Love. Such thoughts stretch into my mind; quieting it into a sweet calm that results from a loving acceptance of everything. Just as nature is forever changing, providing us all with such gentle compassionate companionship, lighting our discovery of spirit’s metaphysical meanings through each yearning that moves us through love’s natural impulses.

I delight in the uplifting sparks that burst my sprouting, my blossoming: sharing in a growth that blooms, and giving my soul all breath-filled room inside of kindness. I openly care; spreading wide within my own sparkling, universal blossoming, and feeling devotional empathy travel within my heart and mind. In calling quietude’s presence to come alive, I embrace a knowing of how to tend and mother in each moment. I share poetry as my own positive caring, filling my offerings with Love’s transcendental oneness. Then, this Love-gift forever merges as Immortality’s Song. While listening to this song, love-blessings surround us, causing each of us to blossom as humble flowers: liberated and full of grace. This is our emergence.

Many a humble soul will be amazed 
to find that the seed it sowed in weakness, 
in the dust of daily life, has blossomed 
into immortal flowers under the eye of love.
~ Harriet Beecher Stowe ~ 
Photography by the author, Jen Walls
by Jen Walls 

Wake within pink hues
surround loving care—bless - breathe;
blossom in the blue

Hear joy's heart—love-birds
sing through each song—as one;
lift moon-sun flowers

Call love's peace—center
end suffering with kindness;
set free—speak soul-breath

Stretch within—give all
open adamantly—rise;
let blossom—then fall

Beam everything—cry
ignite heart-fire's emergence
travel spirit-light

Jen Walls is an author/international poet; bringing love inside a joyful heart’s radiance to pulsate us deeper, inside a personality of rare positivity. Her first collection of poems, The Tender Petals, released - November 2014, through inner child press, ltd. USA. Her second poetic collection, OM Santih Santih Santih, combines nature-inspired spiritual poetry with Dr. Ram Sharma of Meerut, U.P. India and was released November 2015, through The Poetry Society of India. Her peace-filled poems come alive in renowned print and electronic world peace anthologies from the USA, UK, Africa and India. Jen currently resides in Saint Paul, Minnesota with her family. Contact Jen Walls via e-mail: or through her website here or on Facebook here. 

~If you are interested in seeing your poetry appear in this blog, or submitting a poem by a woman that has inspired you, please click here for submission guidelines. I greatly look forward to hearing from you!~ 


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