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TETHERED by Vrinda Aguilera

Ever since I can remember I have always felt things acutely...

Being sensitive to life and it's realities is a simultaneous curse and blessing, for there exists such a wide array of experiences: from the deep, dark chasms and valleys of suffering, to the dizzyingly high mountain peak cliffs of joy, the vast, wide open plateaus and stretches of everything else that fall in between!

One such platform that these polarities encompass is the dichotomy of the fact of human existence itself- to be an eternal, unfettered spiritual being yet contained in an embodied frame. These apparently contradicting forces push and pull, as I strive to journey towards my wholeness in love and light with harmony and grace. This life task remains for me one best approached with fearlessness and faith.

by Vrinda Aguilera

I am tethered
By a rope to the ground
To the earth stuck tight
Freedom denied
Hands tied
It's not right!
Fight to get loose
Of this confounded noose
Around my neck
Keeping me in check
This length of chain
Shackled and in pain
''Let me loose"
My refrain
I tug and strain
My whole life I've trained
For this one moment of choice
Will I use my voice?
Again to the ground
I return
The descent stings and burns
My vision cast high
Yonder past the cloudy skies
Heavenly dreams
Bursting at the seams
Of my life
Again knocks me down
Self created dramas
Phantom pauses and commas
Whiling my life away
Until this bungee cord of indecision begins to fray
Will I stray?
From my self created demands
My stuck-in-a flight-pattern flying without plans
Inner compass needle bent askew and awry
My dreams and goals continue to time bide, waning like the moon and tide
This tether
Is not made of leather
It is constructed of fear
Keeping me tied to the near
While my passionate pursuits
Life's overflowing, obtainable fruits
My creative fires burn, smolder and smoke
Inhaling desperation only makes me choke
Do not give up hope!
Grasp the cord, cut it free
I am made of stronger stuff, you see
I will not fall at the speed of light
Misery and suffering my only plight
I am meant for Hope and Life and Light
I am meant for Growth, Love and reaching great heights
I will break free from this self-made bondage
I will stand up and fight
With great might
And a touch of insight
That's right!
No longer bound
Feet on the ground
I am found

Vrinda Aguilera is a Montessori trained primary school teacher, an intuitive energy healer, a closet poet, and practitioner of bhakti-yoga. She is passionate about supporting women on their spiritual journey and is an experienced life-coach. She lives in rural Florida with her husband and three children where she blossoms in the experience of mothering. You may connect with her by e-mailing her at:

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