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I have not seen many forests in my life, but I was wonderstruck by The Black Forest in Germany...

This unruly wood, where Little Red Riding Hood’s grandmother lived and where the witch lured Hansel and Gretel to their gruesome end, left me with a trance-like look in my eyes. Allured to its green chaos of love.

Sometimes, all we need is a little raw beauty to remind our hearts; 
we are creatures of the earth and the forest.
Photography by Jonna Jinton

Green Leaves in my Veins
My visit to The Black Forest
by Marulé MacKay

So come and share this waking dream with me
Skip with me into a mysterious labyrinthine
Feel with me
Enkindle your slumbering fires

I need to go wild
I want to let go
Let go of everything
Rip off my clothes like a savage animal
Reconnect with my primal instincts and feel new life erupting in my blood
Into the depths of The Black Forest, I fall
Screaming for the first time in years
Dancing, playing in the pine tree needles
Laughing as they prickle my tummy, my breasts
I become one with the dirt under my fingernails
Drunk on the scent
The neon green imprisons me and my eyes explode into orgasms

I want to run ‘til I feel nothing but void
‘Til I can look at myself anew with eyes of completeness, vibrancy, clarity, strength

Paradoxically beautiful
And find the lush stillness in this primeval place
Where the trees meet the rocks
And the rocks meet the streams
And the streams meet the river
And the river flows through me
And I rush away
To where my tangled heart can rest

I bring my strangled pressure to you
Breathe your untainted air into my lungs

Animate me

I listen to the songs in your treetops
And I give myself to you
You are the solid ground
The clay that birthed me

No more suppression
The child must come out to play
The bloody rose must bloom into a bouquet of luscious white

With arms wide open
I stand before you
The beauty
The beast

I cry out to you like a craving creature with a ravenous curiosity
I need your poised energy and your tender fierceness to remind me

I am wild at heart

When the concrete jungle suffocates me, blinds me, robs me of your smell, your vibrancy, your vitality
I want to feel your green leaves pump through my veins on those days when life has drained me of all colour

In sleepy fields of swaying wild lavender under the bluest skies, I sing:
“Open my heart to more!” 

We need you, Black Forest
To take us to the wild
To bring us home.

*   *   *
“I am a white butterfly with black-dotted wings emerging in spring, exploring towns, valleys and green pastures. Until the time comes to rest when fall descends on the forest.
Life gives and life takes, only to be reborn again.
I am a white eagle with pitch-black eyes. I fly beyond the stars into the darkest corners of the universe. I will not rush away any longer, and if I fall in flight, losing all control, let me fall; let me taste the poignancy of it all. I will not dissipate into the clouds through which I soar. I will emerge and fly through rainbows.
I am a new warrior standing at the centre of my life, fighting for a union of solidity between my light and my dark. I will float like a butterfly and an eagle to places where my soul is welcomed by wholehearted creatures in enchanting forests. Places where there is love to be found for all of me—the butterfly and eagle that breathes inside.”
Artwork by the author

Marulé MacKay (Pronounced ma-ROO-lay) is a baby from the dark side of the moon, who is in love with beauty. Everywhere. In music, lyrics, art. All around. She has a poignant romance with words and ideas and uses these as the bricks and mortar of her dream world. She loves cream-dreamy chocolate. The smell of pine trees. The smell of the night. Leaves rustling in the wind. The wind, where voices become reality. She loves playing in the waves of the ocean. She thinks she may perhaps be a mermaid, craving subsurface silence. She is a traveller, foodie, explorer of emotions and mania, a sensualist by heart, and a friend of unicorns and rainbows. She has heart and love for all things. She is vulnerable yet with titan-strength, this allows her to live. Her desire is to share and connect with the restless and wild and sensitive bruised hearts of the lost souls. Make beauty. Not war.
You can reach her at or on Facebook 

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