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HER SKIN by Sophie Gregoire

This poem is about Sacred Relationships…

This poem was written for the lovers that dive deeper through sexuality, and savor it for what it is—which is the ultimate union, the climax of love between two people. Sexual intimacy is not what our times have made it be. Intimate touch is sacred, sex is enlightening. Sexual intimacy ignites eternal sparks in the hearts of both partners; sacred touch is a lot more than a short moment of fleeting pleasure. Sex can lead to the awakening and to the fusion of both souls. Sexual union can open doors in both bodies, that nothing—no time and no space could close. Sex is magic, when it gathers two hearts that have, and had always been, made for one another.

Her Skin
by Sophie Gregoire

Touch her,
She is
The first skin.

Kiss her 
It was always 
You and Her,
She is everything
Compared to
Every other 

Hold her waist
She is,
The treasure
The gem 
The velvet
You've been
Dreaming of 
Waiting for,

Kiss her
You always knew.

Kiss her 
There was never 
Anyone else 
Like her.

Caress her
She is a diamond
The treasure
Is now found.

Place one hand
On her heart
As if,
You held the keys.

Touch her thighs 
As if
Your hands
Were magic
As if,
You could open her 
Her mystery
Her depths,
Only you always could.

Let your hand
Over her eyes
As if 
You could read in their glint 
You and Her are One
And that,
It's Her.

Kiss her heart
As if 
She was yours,
She's always been since
The dawn of all these magical times 
The magnificent hours that were,

Make love to her,
As if
Life had only been
The rehearsal of this dance,
Your dance.

Caress her skin
As if,
You always knew.

Make love to Her
It was written.
Love her,
As deep as life is
She is,
The jewelry box of yours
And this,
Was set in stone.

Love her
There is no other depth
That matches 
Your strength
In this way,
That well.

Dive in her
As if
No skin,
Could melt with yours
Set that fire in your closed,
Solar eyes.

Make love to her
As if,
There was
No other
Like She.

Love her,
She will highlight You
Like no other soul could.

Inhale her,
This intensity
This mystery
This strength 
This magic 
And this smile of hers,
Is You.

Love her 
She would never be,
In your shadow
But only be
Your Queen.

Kiss her
As if 
She was your muse
And You,

Love her
As if,
She is the treasure
The Sun,
Your sunrise  
Your dawn
And you both
The eternal spark,


Sophie Gregoire is often found contemplating an idea or how to explain a new concept, with a notebook and pencil in hand. She is an independent soul who loves to ponder over our world and humankind. She loves writing to transform her endless thoughts into some kind of reality and traveling both faraway and deep within her heart and mind. Sophie savors coffee, encounters, yoga and meditation, with her cat as her greatest muse. Connect with Sophie on Facebook or more about Sophie here. 

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