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LOST & FOUND by by Jazzalina Garcia

I find I have a deep love of words...

These words seem to form from a stream of conscious awareness that trickles into my soul... expressing the very depths of my being...feeding me with wisdom, Love, and new awakenings, and enabling me to share what I have learnt on my own personal healing journey. Recovering from trauma, seeing and undoing deep programming, uncovering false beliefs and seeing the truth of who I really am. Finding the Self, that is truth and Love, that holds beauty and grace within its essence...

This particular poem, reflects that inner which we all travel, in our own unique but similar way, and I, for one, still do.

I chose to start birthing my poetry into film because I feel it is a union of both the Divine Feminine and Masculine, working as one...the language of the Feminine being imagery and symbols and the Masculine, logic and spoken language. 

by Jazzalina Garcia

What makes us right
if there is no wrong?
Refusing to belong 
to the whole,
Our splintered souls
suffering in vain,
An endless rain of tears
 that cajole our fears.

Wasted years of depletion,
seeking completion 
Unable to see,
the fervent plee to be free.

We are locked down,
under the weight of false crowns
Slaves to illusion and confusion,
detrimental delusion,
Where we summon our demise,
like a worthless franchise.

We are losing ourselves,
in a bid to save face,
 in a faceless race,
an endless chase, 
bidding against,
Brothers and sisters in haste.
And its all such a waste.
A tasteless taste,
of empty victory,
masked misery,
hiding lost liberty

Feel the parts of you that grieve.
That mourn the torn parts of your soul.
The black hole,
that you fill with pretence,
at your own expense.

That sadness you feel,
is not an Achilles' heel.
Its what makes you real.
Your soul begging you to heal.

deep within.
Where stillness can be heard, 
like the drop of a pin.
Join forces,
 with the ocean of devotion
that feels all emotion,
and the true light of sight,
that reveals the inner fight

Only when we accept,
 what we reject,
will the real be revealed,
the layers of false peeled,
The opening of a gift,
that will heal the rift.

 of below and above.
Where opposites unite,
and end the fight.
Where acceptance of all,
 breaks down all walls.
No big or small,
short or tall.
Only what is.
 There is no other,
 than this
Only bliss to discover,
 that we can recover,
from the cover of deceipt,
and be in receipt ,
of all rivers that meet,
at the ocean of our feet.

The Self..
above all else,
is our guide,
to the unified.
The marriage within,
beneath our skin.
The only way out is in.

What we seek,
that mountain peak, 
at the head of the game,
the glorious domain,
is our true sovereign flame,
that knows our real name.
A place of no shame,
 or false claim.
And we are found,
and rightly crowned,
at the seat of our soul,
in the kingdom of the whole.

May we all find this place.
This sacred space,
 of inner grace.
Let us embrace,
our Divinity.
Our soul's infinity.
We have a choice.
So let Love be your voice.
Feeling be your word.
And may we all be heard.

(Click play to experience the author's poem)

Jazzalina Garcia is a diverse creative with a background in theatre, circus, visual and performance arts, specializing in writing and directing.  She has a strong interest in psychology and the healing arts, and for many years had a passion for merging creativity with awareness, that leads the individual into a Self empowered healing journey. She has a thirst for the mysterious language of symbols and has brought this into her debut film as a fascinating union between the spoken word and their symbolic meanings in imagery. She is currently working on her next short film and hopes to bring together a series of further themes around Self-awareness. Also a vocalist, musician, and recording artist who writes and records her own songs with a dream to collaborate with others and perform live "Sound journey's" that take the listener deep into their inner world. She aspires to one day write a book or two, having been encouraged by others, and has already written some short stories for children. She aims to live a very long life because there's so much to do!

~If you are interested in seeing your poetry appear in this blog, or submitting a poem by a woman that has inspired you, please click here for submission guidelines. I greatly look forward to hearing from you!~


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