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As an empath there are days when all your senses are open so wide and run so deep...

On such days you can almost feel the running rivers of discontent claiming the serenity of those beautiful women you know and even those you never will. It is as though you can hear them on the wind, a chorus of feminine souls who are silently fluttering their now abandoned wings. You can feel them tentatively flexing, readying to find the courage to fly once more and feel with each precious flutter a reclaiming of wildness, authenticity and power, to find again their gypsy heart.  

Silent Flutterings     
Rhea-Ruth Aitken                                                                            

In the still and the noise of every day and night
Under the sun and in the shadows of the moon
We hear that feint yet fervent familiar sound -
The silent fluttering of women's wings.
And in the air our senses catch
The subtle fragrance of feminine discontent,
Cries so loud they are silenced
Pain so raw it is unseen,
The agony of a tethered soul,
A gypsy heart hardly beating
In a grown up strapped down world.
Almost inaudible the wings beat
Sending out on the wise and carrying winds
The whispered screams
Of a wild woman's needs.
And the silence she keeps
Paints sad pictures on the canvas of her eyes,
Steals the joy from the song of her voice
And erases the truth from her future self.
We hear them,
Those sisterly flutterings
Of wild women stuck
Unfulfilled in once promised dreams.
We feel them
Seeking to unfurl and un-silence
Their glorious goddess wings,
To cut the chains of choices once made
And fly noisily and heart beating-ly fast
Back to their wild and wonderful selves.
And so we reach out and unite.
With hearts entwined and wings feathered
We will soar together as sisters,
Lusciously loud and freedom bound,
Rewilding, reawakening, reclaiming
Our open hearts and unfettered wings.

Rhea-Ruth Aitken: Spiritual Medium, Writer, Daughter of the Goddess and all round Creatress, I am a woman who loves to weave stories, songs and poetry, commune with the Spirit World and walk with the cycles of Mother Nature and the Moon. Having embraced the wisdom of Cronehood I now am allowing time in my life to collate and birth some of my work into the world. Spirituality and creativity are ever present passions and being a channel I use writing as a spiritual practice as well as a natural focus for healing, expression and creativity, a way of being mindful of myself as a woman, of knowing and communing with the truth of my soul. Whether for reading, writing, or ritual, words are my constant companion as I walk with the Goddess daily and follow my magical pathway. Words are magical, they can transform, promote understanding, inspire and heal. Words can paint a picture in the mind and sometimes I paint that picture onto canvas too. I love to hold sacred space for women to enjoy sisterhood, sharing and self-expression.  I write for women, those beautiful sisters with whom I share my life journey. If I can touch one heart, share one word of healing or allow one woman to know herself through my work then I have accomplished my promise to Goddess to share and inspire. Find me on my website or Facebook

~If you are interested in seeing your poetry appear in this blog, or submitting a poem by a woman that has inspired you, please click here for submission guidelines. I greatly look forward to hearing from you!~ 


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