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SOLITUDE by Vidya Chetan

I believe that we can hear the sound of our soul only when we are alone and away from the world... 

I penned down this poem on solitude while I was away from all the noise of this world for many days. I feel God hears us when we speak to ourselves during such times, and retrospect on specific times in our lives. Nowadays, however, we get so busy in amassing wealth and worldly possessions that our souls often feel abandoned and we feel stressed. Many are after wealth their whole lives and eventually tire of chasing it. Instead, I feel our purpose in life is not to enjoy worldly pleasures alone but to help others to live a positive life and to do things which help us, and others, connect more with our souls. At least for me, devoting some time to being alone revitalizes and nourishes my soul, as well as my relationship with God. 

by Vidya Chetan

Discovering myself in my solitude
In a self contemplative mode,
Not in a content or blue mood,
But gazing into the stillness of wall around.

Memoirs gush in and out,
For the cheerful memories, 
and tears roll down from soul,
Missing those days of blithe.
Where adored ones are now no-more,
To lay our shoulder on.

Sometimes thoughts are blank,
Gazing through infinite space,
With no worries of past and future.
Still we forget to live in present.

Speaking to oneself the whole day,
Since the world is a busy place,
And no one being great listener
In this noisy environment around.

I lose myself in my solitary times,
In thoughts and in verses of poetry,
Where I find solace and comfort in poetry.
Where I hide in my poems at times.

In conversation with God and my inner self,
Which give me the most trustworthy talks I ever experienced,
I talk to you thee, through my rhyme.
Since you only can read between my words.
Which may not be superficial sometimes.

Bareness at times creates an illusion of emptiness,
But listen to the whisper of your soul 
appearing as a sliver of light through your thoughts.
For character gets refined in darkness,
Improving and strengthening with each passing day.

Spending time alone fetches the best version of our selves,
Inspiring our creative inspirations to bloom.
O thee, I bow and bestow these lines to you!

Vidya Chetan: A blogger on social and environmental issues surrounding current events, Vidya is deeply inspired and motivated by Nature’s green beauty, which she finds both calming and energizing to her soul. As such, spirituality and Nature are closely linked for Vidya: a theme she often writes about with much passion. As a full time working professional in a corporate atmosphere, Vidya finds that the meditative practice of writing poems helps calm her mind, relieve tension and keep her sane. Her debut poetry book, Song of Soul was published in 2012. An ardent fan of Wordsworth and Gibran, Vidya finds solace in their works, which relieve her of her tensions and worries.

~If you are interested in seeing your poetry appear in this blog, or submitting a poem by a woman that has inspired you, please click here for submission guidelines. I greatly look forward to hearing from you!~ 


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