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Big Dreams in Black and White
Marulé MacKay

She opens one of her writing journals. A present from a sunbeam friend.
Pages sprinkled with colourful confetti stars. Discoveries of glitter surprises
and smiles—all around.
She starts to write these pages alive with love.
The happiness of the bright, and the darkness of the night.

On rainy days, sometimes sunny, she wonders if she has fallen into a pot of honey—too sticky to get out?

  numb days
    vibrant skies
      sad minutes
        angel eyes
          dark circles
            golden shores
              lost souls
                beauty wars

tired of grey
tired of rhymes
tired of long goodbye’s

tired of games
tired of the mundane
tired of everything remaining the same

tired of hot-and-cold affections
tired of connection infections

she wants to swoop him into aliveness
with a child’s candid kisses
poison herself with his fears
and give birth to all his wishes

she wants to drown in his black hole
rescue his hidden truths
reach the vulnerable space
turn the sun on to his face
leave it to burn him down
to nothing but grace

Dear black sheep,
You are haloed
Your beauty can never die
Even if they cannot see it as time ticks by

give her
    head docs
      soppy quotes
          popping pills
             crying spells
                positive chants
                  impossible cant’s

all these afflictions
won’t cure her “you-addictions”

adventure with her
float on unknown stormy air currents
yield to the moon’s tides
have dessert for breakfast
words for lunch
and do not fret
about dinner for once
smell the air
breathe it
into the core of your ribcage
unbeknownst—paved with love
allow yourself to notice the scent
the scent of limes exploding
the zest to start moving
the art of blooming

she is not meant for murky waters
and mud, and neither is he
they should each be a lotus
sparkling on top
she is meant for silver streams
and big golden dreams
and so is he

As she turns another page of her journal, more stars she sees.
She knows, she’s the only one to colour herself free.
Here to rise to the fullness of beauty
And paint rainbows in the skies of the gloomy

she’s a bubbly banshee
  bay tree
    beach pea
      black sea
            milky tea
              dried brie
beastly broken
beautifully woven

an emotion erosion
a flower explosion

a lover and a sucker punchy
a wannabe romantic junkie…

And she loves his heart,
Exclamation mark! 

Marulé MacKay (Pronounced ma-ROO-lay) is a baby from the dark side of the moon, who is in love with beauty. Everywhere. In music, lyrics, art. All around. She has a poignant romance with words and ideas and uses these as the bricks and mortar of her dream world. She loves cream-dreamy chocolate. The smell of pine trees. The smell of the night. Leaves rustling in the wind. The wind, where voices become reality. She loves playing in the waves of the ocean. She thinks she may perhaps be a mermaid, craving subsurface silence. She is a traveller, foodie, explorer of emotions and mania, a sensualist by heart, and a friend of unicorns and rainbows. She has heart and love for all things. She is vulnerable yet with titan-strength, this allows her to live. Her desire is to share and connect with the restless and wild and sensitive bruised hearts of the lost souls. Make beauty. Not war.

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