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WOMAN'S WISDOM by Rhea Ruth Aitken

Woman's Wisdom                                                                                                    

How does she nourish a hungry soul?
When the pains are raw
Biting at her, unbidden
Making her want to scream 
Loud and wild
Desperate and wanting.

How does she feed an empty space?
When all is elusively floating
Unobtainable and distant
Out of her reach
Yet are desired so deeply
Flame red and burning
Inside of her very core.

How does she begin? 
To become the woman
That is impatiently waiting 
Her pleading eyes, her piercing cries
Hands reaching far, not yet touching
To bring her to that knowing                      
Of her soul's desire.

How does she placate the screams?
And nourish the need                   
For that knowing peace 
When she walks a labyrinth
Blinded by high walls
And blocked pathways
The essence of her
Imprisoned in the obscured
Sacred place she cannot see.

Only in the sacrosanct space of silence
Does she so clearly see
The face of her mirrored self:    
In the depths of her wanting eyes
On the lips of her starved mouth
She sees the wisdom waiting 
To unfold, to unlock
Her abundant fertile future.

It will not relinquish to her easily
She has to harvest it 
Gather it with gratitude
From the fields of tortuous lessons learned
And the fruits of loves so furiously lost,
From the deepest places of hurt and anger,
From the tears and the emptiness:
The fighting and the failing.
As she unfolds herself in understanding
They fall like leaves from a winter's tree
Painting pictures she now can see.   

Walls crumble and pathways unfurl
And those cries and screams
Those tortured eyes and reaching hands
Are all at peace. Stilled and Quiet.
As a child rocked by its Mother,
A woman held by her lover,
She embraces her prize:
The gift only a learned soul can claim,
The salve that soothes
Even the most tortured of lives.
A woman's Wisdom.

Rhea-Ruth Aitken: Spiritual Medium, Writer, Daughter of the Goddess and all round Creatress, I am a woman who loves to weave stories, songs and poetry, commune with the Spirit World and walk with the cycles of Mother Nature and the Moon. Having embraced the wisdom of Cronehood I now am allowing time in my life to collate and birth some of my work into the world. Spirituality and creativity are ever present passions and being a channel I use writing as a spiritual practice as well as a natural focus for healing, expression and creativity, a way of being mindful of myself as a woman, of knowing and communing with the truth of my soul. Whether for reading, writing, or ritual, words are my constant companion as I walk with the Goddess daily and follow my magical pathway. Words are magical, they can transform, promote understanding, inspire and heal. Words can paint a picture in the mind and sometimes I paint that picture onto canvas too. I love to hold sacred space for women to enjoy sisterhood, sharing and self-expression.  I write for women, those beautiful sisters with whom I share my life journey. If I can touch one heart, share one word of healing or allow one woman to know herself through my work then I have accomplished my promise to Goddess to share and inspire. Find me on my website, or Facebook. 

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