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DEEPLY by Megan Gogoll


I want to let go.
I want to run from societal constraints and smash the glass ceiling.
I want to live barefoot in the forest, amongst the trees, and become Goddess..
I want to Breathe.
So very deeply

Inhale down to my nether regions,
Hold it.
This moment.
Right here.

I am grasping in a home with so many screens and walls and dejection.
I need to uncover myself..
Be stripped bare, be naked.
In the sea.
In the moonlight.
Feel the Earth under my feet, in between my toes,
Grounded and connected.
To light, to being.

I want to weep on my knees with the exquisite ache that resides in my heart.
It is heavy.
Heavy and full with love and gratitude, and masochistic tethers.
Am I tied to, or tied down?

I want to shatter them, break them, rip them from the ground and run,
So very deeply

My wings are dark and excruciating,
They are desperate to expand.
To soar and be seen.
I revel with the lucid, the ecstasy, the benevolent unknown.

Like dipping a toe into the sea, I am ready for the sting.
The bite.
I welcome it.
The flame and passion are dancing on my skin. Enticing me and reminding me to..
So very deeply

The light and life are reflected in my eye.
It beckons me inward.
Further still.
The divine facets of it All, lie within.

Deep as deep.
Deep as the ocean.
Here is the rapture of truth..
Not without.

To run is to forget and falsify the roots of my very soul,
I need only to dive.
And to Breathe.
So very deeply.

Megan Gogoll: I’m a poet. I commune with my soul and roar truths, supporting you to do the same. I’m interested in the human condition and have a degree in Psychology to prove it. I’m an anxiety warrior. I’ve been rocked by dark depths and now thrive in union with my anxiety. I’m here to help you pen your emotions.I host  The Anxious Poet Podcast which features interviews with some ferocious femmes and talented word wizards. I do live poetry gigs and slams so check out where I will be performing next. I’m also available for hire at creative workshops and concerts, school events, markets, community gatherings, you name it!  I also offer the powerful (Not-So) Anxious Sessions to get to the bottom of your anxiety and make a friend out of her. I have created an incredible free seven day writing course for you called INK + FIRE to tap into that juicy heart of yours, start roaring your truths, and get those soul words flowing! Yearning for more? Head to Why Poetry here. Dive into my archives of poems or have a mosey at my published words here.

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