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OH WORLD I LOVE YOU by Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer

For many years I resisted the way things fall apart. I made a life out of holding things together…

I believed that poetry could work as a kind of glue, could help me to fix problems, could help me to know. But then, about two years ago, the world helped things fall apart so completely that I was able, at least for a moment, to see through my longing to make things neat. I could see through my desire to control the world. 

Since then, poems have become more a way of unknowing. I come to the page with curiosity instead of answers. Rilke writes in “Autumn,” about how this experience of surrender can lead us into “seeing” god: “And yet there is Someone, whose hands, infinitely calm, holding up all this falling.” This poem is about my ongoing practice of allowing the world to be as it is without trying to reshape or recreate it.

 Oh World I Love You

Oh world, I love you,
you with your roots
that thrust up through pavement,
you with your mudflows
and rockfalls and storms.
See how daily you feed
and destroy me. How
gorgeous your fruits,
how merciless your gravity.
I love you, world, how
you make me and fuel me
and undo me again and again. Always
another death to die
and always a new bloom.
Never the same, always
the same. World, it feels
too proud to say I am you,
you with your splendor,
you with your grace.
I am dust and ashes.
You move me, adventure me.
World, thy will be done.
My problems are not problems.
My laws all are nonsense.
My rules, my dreams are cages.
Sometimes I forget to let you
raze me. I try to wrestle
the club from your hands.
And when the destruction
is done, I try to rebuild the walls,
not seeing you were offering me
infinity. Sometimes you first bring me milk,
then tear me down tenderly,
your hands the hands of a lover
undressing me slowly, but not
stopping with the scarf, the skirt—
taking also every idea I have,
every certainty, every word,
everything I would say is mine.
World I am rambling through
the silence you hold for me.
I am like a woman dying of thirst
who splashes the water with eager hands
instead of cupping it, raising it to her parched lips.
Oh world, I am losing my mind
and laughing about it. All language
is dust, and look, you blow it away.
Still I am talking to you, crazy,
I love you, I love you. Come wind,
catch these words, rend them
from the one who thinks
she is speaking. Let them fall
all around her like leaves.  

Poet Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer “is a chanteuse of the heart,” says poet Art Goodtimes. She served two terms as the first poet laureate for San Miguel County, Colorado, where she still leads monthly poetry readings, teaches in schools, leads writing workshops and leaves poems written on rocks around the town. Her most recent collection, The Less I Hold, comes out of her poem-a-day practice, which she has been doing for over seven years. Her work has also appeared on A Prairie Home Companion and in O Magazine, on tie-dyed scarves, alleyway fences and in her children’s lunchboxes. Favorite one-word mantra: adjust. Visit her website here for ideas about writing, and to read her daily poems click here. 

~If you are interested in seeing your poetry appear in this blog, or submitting a poem by a woman that has inspired you, please click here for submission guidelines. I greatly look forward to hearing from you!~ 


  1. Whatta wide-armed opening of the heart. I've been following RWT's daily poems for close to a year; and this is hands-down, bar-none, no-question, one of her most best.
    Sometimes, we're allowed to be more thoroughly opened and receptive for the inspiration that envelops us---this is surely Trommer's outpouring of such a crystalline, grace-inundated moment.

  2. & I Shall pay thanks to Eduardo for leading me to your world..
    This is a lovely piece specially the scene of the world's mighty hands leaving a fragile lady nude not only of clothes but of thoughts & beats.. thumbs up

    Peace & Light

  3. Exposes the illusion of control with beautiful language. Mazel tov, Rosemerry!

  4. The only way out is through...the heart, and Rosemerry has that in buckets and galaxies...thanks for leading us to this site, Rosemerry!

  5. This certainly shares how we are truly not in control of what is so much bigger than us. When things truly fell apart all around me and in my life, I recognized this. And you, Rosemerry have completely captured those feelings in the most well written poetry. Thank you for this piece. Very well done.

  6. The joy is infectious..........radiant and brimming over with light!

    Naomi Stone

  7. OH! this poem causes me to fall wildly, madly, fervently in love with life! to dive face down into the nearest pile of fragrant autumn leaves, to run naked thru long awaited downpour! tear me to shreds, o life, un-do me, make me forget everything but the desire to feel keenly, to welcome, to fall in love with, every molecule in all of creation!! How is it that this body can feel every pain from all time and space, and not be incinerated??? how is it that suns and moons and galaxies can play their games inside this body,,,, and the body still has form?? oh I am losing my mind (whatever that is) thank god for this! I am be-coming un-done, oh thank god for this too!! oh let me all ways re-member,,, I AM all ways, by all energies,,,being offered infinity!! may I, and all of us, drink lustily from the cup of infinity.. proffered in every precious moment of Now.... thank you, O outrageous poem, for re-igniting wild and undiscerning love for life.... Thank you LIFE, for your indiscriminate -ness,,,, have I told you today that I love you??


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