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Inspiration and insight come at the oddest moments... 

Last fall I was attending a workshop on Ayurveda and Yoga. We were learning about balancing our doshas with the changing of the seasons.

I was surprised to find my Pitta side was significantly on the high side.

I usually like to say, “I’m Vata,” and flutter away. 

“It’s not like that,” the teacher directly said.

She continued, “It’s not about identifying yourself as Vata, Kapha or Pitta. It’s about balance. Finding what is out of balance and bringing it into harmony. We also have natural tendencies to revert back into old familiar patterns and favor one or more of the doshas.”

This made sense to me. It’s not right or wrong. It just is.

After the first day of practice my lower abdomen was extended and painful.  I looked rather pouffed. Needless to say this is hardly a flattering attribute at any age except perhaps a toddler.

 The next morning, I tried to explain to the yoga teacher what I was feeling and experiencing.

 With gentle but penetrating eyes, she suggested, “Put those feelings and thoughts into one of your poems.” I thought, brilliant. That’s something I know how to do.

Months have passed since that fall workshop. It hasn’t been until lately that my eco-friendly light bulb of understanding flickered as I reread the poem; I saw I was giving birth to me.

I continue this process each time I practice yoga. I am rearranging my internal self to match the frequencies of my spiritual self. It is truly a union and bridge of mind, body and spirit.

There’s energy within the divine feminine that is powerful and I respect it as much as I am trying to accept it. 

I’m coming into an understanding of my femininity and how to be with it. In all honestly I’m terrified with owning this radiant power. I’m humble and grateful too as I marry the bonds of struggle within myself.

I’m freeing the spirit that is rising...

Serpent of Energy

The primeval serpent awakens a burning pain
It extends through the fibers,
the core of the vessel.

It weaves its talons deep.
It traverses to the left and right
Its serrated tail clutches the shadows of the soul.

It’s the guardian of unfertilized eggs.
Stored lineage of years and lives
The serpent of old is no longer welcomed.

There’s a battle to slay the demon.
It’s an illusion that ends an oscillation of child-adult.
Anxiety and fear are mist-like droplets.

The stillness of the moment:
clarity and courage;
a portal to the senses

Insights like the rings of a tree spanning out,
beyond this space, time and into the universe...
yet grounded.

It’s a dimensionless state.
Agni and prana enter the mouth of the dragon.
scorching the self-inflicted memories

It’s cyclical, like the seasons.
A nonlinear journey of pruning the decay,
facing death, shedding of a skin and awaiting rebirth.

(This poem was originally published on Elephant Journal here
~A special thank you to Melanie Farmer
ayurveda astrology and yoga instructor, 
whose inspiration brought forth this poem~

Carolyn Riker is an elementary teacher, mental health counselor, writer and a poet who finds comfort and balance in her kids, nature, music and her sweet cat Copper.  She can be seen sipping soy lattes, nibbling on dark chocolate or savoring a full-bodied red wine. Introspective, forthright, kind and compassionate, she intertwines life with yoga, meditating and learning about Vedic Astrology and Ayurveda.  She also writes for Elephant Journal and Rebelle Society. Carolyn can be reached via her e-mail address or on facebook here.  

~If you are interested in seeing your poetry appear in this blog, or submitting a poem by a woman that has inspired you, please click here for submission guidelines. I greatly look forward to hearing from you!~ 


  1. How beautiful. Wonderful insights. Stirring poetry. Great inspiration. Thank you.

    1. Thank you Laura! I'm so glad you enjoyed it and it gave you some inspiration.


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