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YOUR WORDS by Vrinda Aguilera

Writers are people who are mediums for all of the arts...

I believe this to be true because, in the right hands, the written word can be arranged to transmit emotions, experiences, sights, sounds, and tastes, calling forth and broadcasting a multitude of multifaceted sensorial experiences. All of the senses can be appealed and communicated to, albeit through the subtle channels of the written word.

Artfully painted words, colorfully chosen and carefully placed, capture the scenic beauty of a misty, dew drop covered morning meadow.  A steady hand dips, dabs and wields the brush- a painter's finished masterpiece magically appears on the canvas of the reader's mind's eye.

Finely tuned words, composed and orchestrated by the poet conductor, resonate and harmonize in the mind's ear of an attentive reader. Presto! A grand symphony, fully conducted and carried out with nary an instrument to be seen. Can you hear the low notes of the wind instruments, blowing a haunting melody, accentuated by the staccato thunderclap of the percussion?

Who hasn't journeyed down a path to love's gate and opened up wide their hearts to enter into a novel of grand romantic proportions? Me? Ah, yes, I have loved and lost and loved again, many times over in the deep valleys and dizzying mountain peak settings of seductively woven intricate tales of love and intrigue.

One day as I was contemplating how I experience the writing of a dear friend as being engaging and tangible I was moved to explore and engage the gustatory sense of taste through poetry. 

Art by Shiloh Sophia
Besides being a skilled writer and poet this friend is one of those people whose creativity isn't limited to one particular medium. She is also a  gifted painter, photographer, and cook, among other things. A mistress of the arts, if you will.

This poem was inspired by and is dedicated to my friend who is the gentle and dedicated hostess of this very website, Journey of the Heart, Krishna Kanta, aka, Catherine L. Schweig. She is the gatekeeper who generously and hospitably opens the gate for many a weary and often somewhat travel worn souls who often shyly tarry nearby, casting wistful glances her way. She'll warmly invite you in, offer you a seat, and soothe you with her kindness before lovingly offering you a moment in the sunlight. Sometimes she may have to give a little fortifying push, smiling at you with full assurance all the while.

She's an advocate for women from many different backgrounds of countries, cultures and faiths, a dedicated force whose mission is to unify and serve other women in their sojourns traversing along the path of developing authenticity in our love for ourselves, each other and, ultimately, the Supreme.

Your Words
by Vrinda Aguilera

My friend!
Your words are like
A bag of candies

I delight in their receipt.
Slowly, with anticipation,
I unwrap your writing,
Fingering the fine and delicate wrappers.
The slight, friendly rustlings
Pique my curiosity,
What's inside?

Tropical pineapple and orange sunburst Surprise
Anger, a spicy red hot cinnamon snap
Bubbling, bursting-blueberry is Joy
Pain, a cloyingly sweet, black licorice
Love is sweet and warm apple pie
Acrid and sour lemon yellow-tinged is Fear

My taste buds and heart
Relish and swoon in turn
A multitude of moods and flavors
Intertwine and linger
I sample and savor

My friend!
Your words are like
A bag of candies.

Vrinda Aguilera is a Montessori trained primary school teacher, an intuitive energy healer, a closet poet, and practitioner of bhakti-yoga. She is passionate about supporting women on their spiritual journey and is an experienced life-coach. She lives in rural Florida with her husband and three children where she blossoms in the experience of mothering. You may connect with her by e-mailing her at:

~If you are interested in seeing your poetry appear in this blog, or submitting a poem by a woman that has inspired you, please click here for submission guidelines. I greatly look forward to hearing from you!~ 


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