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From the time I wake up in the morning to the time I go back to sleep at night…

… everyday I try to see Lord Krishna in this material nature around us. It is my way of meditating upon the Supreme Lord. This meditation helps me not just to enjoy his beautiful creation but also to fall deeper in love with him.

I wrote this poem as I walked through the nature around us and tried to see Krishna in everything.

 In Bhagavad Gita ( chapter 7 ), Lord Krishna says that in each and every element he is present. I constantly try to visualize this concept to the maximum of my ability.

Meditation helps me visualize my thoughts in the best way. I’ve found that meditating upon the Supreme Lord helps me gain spiritual strength, peace and serenity. Visualizing takes me into a whole new world where I can sense my creativity as though it is happening for real. I am able to feel my emotions towards the Lord even deeper this way. 

I composed this poem to help others visualize and meditate on the beautiful, all-attractive form of The Supreme Lord, or Krishna wherever they are, and in whatever they see in nature.

Everything Resembles Krishna

This material world we see
   is a gift from our God;
In each and every element
   lies the beauty of the Supreme Lord.

The rainbow resembles his smile,
   the radiant sun is his eyes;
Their brightness defeats fear
   and above darkness, helps you rise.

He is called Shyamasundar
   as his body is like the blue sky.
The air that we feel is from his flute
    which makes  you want to fly!

The rain we love to enjoy
   is compared to his tears of separation.
The ocean, his causeless mercy
   to rise above material creation.

The flowers in our garden
   is where his body fragrance dwells;
The lotus resembles his eyes
   that cast many mysterious spells.

The bells we hear around us
   is from anklets on his lotus feet;
The cherries are his red lips
   that tastes like nectar which is very sweet.

The curved paths remind us
   of his beautiful curved waist.
The grass is his silky hair
   his body covered with sandalwood paste.

The mountains resemble his strength
   he is the strongest of the strong!
The shadow of the tree provides his shelter
   under his care is where we belong.

Everything resembles Krishna!
   To attain him is my goal
Meditating on his lovely form
   awaits this long lost soul.

Hreenka Mg: “I am originally from Chennai, India and am currently obtaining my bachelor degree in biomedical engineering. My parents are initiated by Jayapataka Swami, and I am also aspiring for that same shelter. I started writing poems at the age of 16. My inspiration was my mother who is also a wonderful poet. I may not be a great poet but I love writing poetry for the sake of Krishna and his devotee’s pleasure. I wish to continue writing bigger and better ones soon! Besides poetry I have a love for singing and dancing.”

~If you are interested in seeing your poetry appear in this blog, or submitting a poem by a woman that has inspired you, please click here for submission guidelines. I greatly look forward to hearing from you!~


  1. hari bol... awesome poem Hreenka.. keep it up.. may Krsna bless you with immense talents and may you come up with more and more awesome poetry for the pleasure of the Lord and the devotees..

    - Arun

  2. Hare Bol mataji.... Woh this is so amazing poem .....looking forward to hear more love ys Kasturika dasi


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