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I am someone that promotes the removal of everything and anything in life that doesn’t make you happy...

It’s a process I’ve been working on personally. For me it’s been a process of destruction and transformation: I’ve had to destroy the things I didn’t want, destroy the person I didn’t want to be in order to end up with the person I am today. 

It’s hard. It’s really hard, I’m not going to lie. There came a point where I was actively working on letting go of things and I thought I had come a long way, so long that I began to settle for where I was and who I was. I began to start a process of acceptance. It was all roses and cozy until very recently.

I was confronted with my neglect. I had neglected to continue my process of removing the negative from within. They were still things there and even though I had piled a bunch of goodness on top, there was still crap at the bottom.

But that’s life, no? It’s all about the struggle I’ve learned. It’s what makes us or breaks us. We’ve all heard the Butterfly story I’m sure. We each have our cocoon, or mountain, or hurricane, or storm to go through. This is my letting go poem.

Holding on to Letting Go
by Dolly Mahtani 

Today I was given a lifetime opportunity.
I was asked to let go
Of all the things I don’t want,
I don’t need.
To write them on paper at least.
To throw them in the crucible
To burn them…
From within.
It’s hard to come to terms
With the things you hold on to
That no longer serve you.
Where to start?
My fears,
My doubts,
My insecurities.
My constant need for acceptance and approval,
Associating my worth to my body,
Feeling like I don’t fit the standard definition of “pretty”,
My mistakes, my flaws, my faults
My guilt,
My expectations.
“Let them go” a little voice whispered to me.
Let them go and live from your soul.
Allow yourself to be.
That beautiful, wonderful being that you are
That perfection in you
Because that’s what you are.
You are perfect.
You’re the reason
the definition of the word perfect even exists,
because there is nothing perfect in this world
yet we know what it is.
Listen to your heart.
Let it go…
Everything you think you are,
Everything you think you know,
And just breathe.
Just be.
Because in that being,
Dwells a divine masterpiece.

Dolly Mahtani is a Professional Dreamer from Santiago, Chile. A lover. A giver. An optimist, a rebel, a romantic. A breaker of paradigms and stereotypes. An aspiring novelist and screenwriter. She wants to change the world and find the rest of her tribe. She is part of the {R}evolution happening right now, at a corner near you. She is a warrior and her weapon of choice is her pen. She bleeds her heart out on the battlefield. Whatever her truth is, she puts it out there bare. Her deepest desire is to put something into the world that wasn't there before, but the rushing flood of excitement and albeit good intentions overwhelm her sometimes and she don’t know where to start. She's stuck at the dreaming part. You can find her pouring out her soul on her blog here, or connect with her on Facebook here

~If you are interested in seeing your poetry appear in this blog, or submitting a poem by a woman that has inspired you, please click here for submission guidelines. I greatly look forward to hearing from you!~


  1. Oh, ,me too Dolly, such a SiSTAR you are...your beautiful words stroke my furrowed brow "the beautiful wonderfull be-ing that YOU are" this sweet calling from my heart in each moment,,,, floating on the undercurrent of anxiety, and overwhelm-ment of innumerable energies swirling in and around and thru me... but all ways all ways this sweet song singing itself,, often barely audible, until I sit under a tree or sit with the horses munching hay under the starry night sky.... then the song rises to my throat and my heart swells in the vast ocean of love....just letting go breath at a time is all I can manage these days,,, thank you thank you thank you!! xoxoxo

  2. That was a very deep, moving piece.... spoke to me in such a way that I can't quite comprehend or explain. This went straight to my heart. Absolutely loved it, Dollz.

  3. such beautiful words Shree Dark, thank you. Thank you Lee-Ann! It just shows how connected we are really are :)


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