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WHEN YOU THINK by Ulli Stanway

I wrote this after my miscarriage...

I am not sure at what time since time and space became a big blur during those endlessly sad days. On the morning when this piece was born I had dragged myself out of bed and sat in the sun in our garden.

When You Think
by Ulli Stanway

When you think you won’t make it

You can’t get through all of this pain

When you have reached your inner darkness

When you think you want to sleep forever

When you are sure that you are so alone, so very alone

When you look up and the sky is clouded

When you feel this deep hurt, more than words could ever say

When you are in the winter of life
You look up and you slowly open your tired eyes

You see the first ray of sun

You notice that the plants that have recently died are now growing again

You notice a little blossom – maybe purple

You start to see beauty

You will see a bird flying in the sky, effortless and joyous

You open up

You decide that you see beauty

In everything and everyone

You meet today

You notice that roses grow
 all around you
The sun comes out

A flock of white birds flies over you

The sky open up

You notice the ever changing seasons

You notice the flow of the water whilst the sunlight covers it in diamonds

You pick up a shell from an empty sandy beach

You hear and you feel

You smell and you sense
It is all here for you – for you and your healing

One thought at the time

One beautiful moment at the time

There is no rush, you have so much time

And slowly, ever so slowly you begin to awaken
Leaving your pain and grief behind

Be gentle with yourself and your tender heart

When you think you won’t make it

Life calls you back with gentle subtleness

When you think you won’t make it

Open your eyes; the world is waiting for you

Your love is needed

It is time to heal

And time to let go

Life is yours

Bath in its splendor and beauty

Life is here – for you

Ulli Stanway: "I am a 41 year old rising poetess/writer/day dreamer and life lover. I live in Melbourne Australia with my beautiful husband. I love nature and I am a confessing tree hugger. I am working on my dream website called “Desire your own happiness”, which I hope will inspire other kindred souls to follow their own dreams and skip down a path they truly enjoy. I believe in becoming your authentic self, become who you are with all your quirkiness, weirdness and amazing talents. We don’t need to have countless copies of the same story being told. Be you, all that you are and that is perfectly enough. And you are so very needed. My mantra is taking your shoes off and run barefoot, in the rain whenever possible. Embrace everything you are. Here and now."

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  1. Oh, I know this feeling from my own personal experience, dear Ulli. Thank you for taking such heartfelt pain and turning it into something beautiful in this poem. Yes, the world's beauty and splendor is indeed waiting for us! A valuable reminder. :) xoxo


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