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DEATH'S BELOVED by Gigi Guggenheim

I wrote this poem as a way to tell my journey after my boyfriend died of melanoma…

He had a very conscious death and described an invisible woman coming into the room at the very last moments of his life.  I was left seeking answers and trying to figure out what happened to him and to all of us after we die. 

I cloistered myself away for a long time studying and studying everything about death, religions, near death experiences, art as it relates to death and philosophy.  Through months and months of contemplation on death and the meaning of life and then more years of living I was able to write this poem.

Death’s Beloved
by Gigi Guggenheim

She met me
while I was laboriously
engaged in pulling the breath out of someone she loved
and after he was gone she was angry at me
at my existence and not aware of my necessity
yet she was captivated and could not stay away
she found me everywhere and in everything,
pursued me thru history,  science,  stories and poetry.
Her unwavoring interest seduced me to cast my dark shadow
so deep that her eyes were forced to open wider at my horror
at my side of polarity
the unseen hands pulling out the last long breath
of the old, sick, wounded
I am the one they see at last
I am the one that engages their soul beyond suffering
I am the dark passage
As she grew in solitude of her own waking death
she saw her own final breath 
and the day I would take her inside.
In a paradoxical embrace she fell in love with me
so she wouldn’t be stuck, so that things could grow.
We danced in transience, we danced in time
So despite the shadows light would emerge
Light ever excited by awakening
 illuminated all that lived
so deep beauty could be seen
in equal measure to decay 
all they grey came into being as well
as the three of us spiraled in and out of shadows
leaves, sparkles, spider webs, skin, fur
infused with multidimensional rainbows
as she walked, as she talked
she bathed in the light and she bathed in the dark
in humility she surrendered to the truth,
and became the love between life and death.

Gigi Guggenheim is a rainbow warrior, animal activist, writer, healer, empath, deathie, and sojourning introvert who loves to connect where it matters. She is proponent of taking 100 percent responsibility for ones earthly experience and looking deeply at what prevents that from happening has been her main focus in healing the wounds with in herself and in supporting the people around her. Gigi cultivates a life long interest in the afterlife and nature of consciousness within humans and animals alike. She has studied deep tissue massage and travels extensively and regularly to Thailand learning Thai massage and healing arts. She befriends animals wherever she is, volunteering at wild life refuges, street dog shelters and at home is a organizing member of March For Elephants out of San Francisco. You can connect with her on Facebook, or Soul Undertaking, and her blog here. 

~If you are interested in seeing your poetry appear in this blog, or submitting a poem by a woman that has inspired you, please click here for submission guidelines. I greatly look forward to hearing from you!~


  1. This poem is so powerful, beautiful and poignant Gigi! Congratulations on the beauty you are, and what you are sharing with our amazing planet. Many many blessings darling lady xxx

  2. Intriguing & thoughtful. Provokes imagination to visual the scenes u describe. Left me pondering new thoughts. Very good work. Excellent poem.


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