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JUST ONE OUNCE by Carol Reedy Rogero

This poem came from talking to a friend who’s going through a difficult time physically, mentally and emotionally…

I shared it with my friend privately and was then going to post it on my Facebook page with the thought that it might speak to others as well.  As I started to do that, my feed opened up to the post of another friend who was voicing tremendous self doubt, from that same address of hopelessness. So instead of posting it generally, I posted it as a reply to her. She was overwhelmed with gratitude. For me it was as if the universe was affirming that I was doing the right thing, and for her it was proof that the universe did hear!

I’ve been at that noisy, despairing place myself, and I know from experience that you can’t move forward, overcome obstacles, or have any kind of success if you don’t have hope. Without hope, the pain of the situation not only continues, and we begin to spiral into a soul sucking vortex of negativity that is difficult to escape.

The good news is that we don’t need a lot of hope. Just a small amount will do. That’s where the “one ounce” comes in. Hopelessness clouds our vision of life as if we are carrying an ominous burden everywhere we go. Hopelessness even presents itself as a physical condition, stealing our smiles and causing us to walk as if we’re shouldering concrete stressing all of our bodily systems.

The good news is that just one ounce of hope has great power!  A declaration of hope starts to immediately wipe away the black clouds and allows us to recognize, once again, the beauty in the universe that was present all along.  Options and opportunities that were always there seem to announce themselves anew when we stop doubting our strength to persevere. Suddenly, we have choices where seemingly none existed before. Hope has worked its magic and its existence in us shows. Now the path we must take doesn’t seem quite as daunting. The river we must cross seems a little less wide. Just one ounce. That’s all it takes.

Just One Ounce
by Carol Reedy Rogero

To all who are journeying
on broken bridges
with uneven footing
burnt and charred
across tempestuous waters
through raging choking flames
with ghosts of yesterday's despair
screaming in their ears.
Treacherous tides of self doubt
nor cyclonic winds of anguish
will overcome.
Your destiny resides not in the noise of now.
Your kismet answers not to the voice of doom.
All that is needed is one ounce of hope.
In solitary silence
raise the flag of victory
for no apparent cause.
Invite only those with love and acceptance tattooed on their heart
to a gala for you
the brave the strong
the one who was meant for so much more.
Declare your one ounce.
One solitary ounce.
You are enough.
You have enough.
Just one ounce.
The universe will hear.
Photograph by Dennis Ilin
Carol Reedy Rogero: “By day I’m a 6th grade public school teacher, grandmother, mother, wife, daughter and sister. By night I’m a 3am poet and writer, a traveler, just like you, walking my path, trying to stop and smell the roses, be conscious of and respectful to my fellow travelers, and read the road signs along the way.  Each day I pray for guidance (there’s where the pedestrian life and walking with God comes into the picture) to make the “right” turns, do some good, and leave no litter behind.  My happy place is by the ocean, which I’m lucky enough to live near and where you’ll find me on most sunny Sundays, meditating, practicing yoga, writing or scouring the beach for trash and heart shaped coquina. I love to read, write, travel and discover the connections that we all have with each other. I blog here, where I hope my readers find something inspirational that speaks to their heart and touches their soul.

~If you are interested in seeing your poetry appear in this blog, or submitting a poem by a woman that has inspired you, please click here for submission guidelines. I greatly look forward to hearing from you!~



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