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STILL BLOOMING by Alyscia Cunningham

I wrote Still Blooming on January 1, 2013…

For a few years I was going through difficult times, finances in particular, that triggered challenges in all areas of my life. The constant blows really took a toll on myself as well as my marriage. I had forgotten to take care of my own needs. In turn felt like I went off path searching for it somewhere else. 

As strong as I knew I was and had always been, on that day I had to release the tension. Very often, when I find myself frustrated I express it creatively. Whether I write a short story or poem, simply letting my feelings out on an empty page, or pick up my camera and capture art through my lens. It may be the Pisces in me. Afterwards I feel free.

Through it all, my up and downs, I always discover lessons in my journeys. I've always called on the spirit of the Universe, my ancestors and guardian angels to guide my path when I am in doubt and they always respond in some way, shape or form. And as difficult as it may have felt during that time, I knew it would pass. I acknowledge how I feel, stay strong and keep moving. In the end I'm still blooming.

Still Blooming
by Alyscia Cunningham

Crack of dawn,
and gone,
Forgotten Needy's duties.

Feeling robbed,
she sobbed,
Empty feeling beauty.

Listened not,
she thought,
Warnings clearly muted.

Felling numb,
drinks rum,
Neglected soul been looted.

Thoughts to leave,
they grieve,
Directions slightly clouded.

What will it be,
if free?
Both off path and doubted.

Can't live without,
they shout,
Intensely yearns more grooming.

Time will tell,
the shell,
Once cracked now slightly blooming.

Alyscia Cunningham is an author, photographer, entrepreneur, speaker, wife, mother of three children and a creative soul. Through her lens, Cunningham captures and celebrates raw beauty, as she believes the media not only does a good job of focusing on our insecurities but also profiting from it. Her previously published book, Feminine Transitions, and upcoming books and documentaries are social-change projects challenging the "idea" of beauty. Alyscia started journaling as well as writing poems and short stories at the age of 10, and has has kept all of it all in her memory box. She says one days she'll have the pleasure to sit with her children and read to them some of her childhood writing. Connect with her on Facebook here, or visit her website. 

~If you are interested in seeing your poetry appear in this blog, or submitting a poem by a woman that has inspired you, please click here for submission guidelines. I greatly look forward to hearing from you!~


  1. Thank you for allowing such a powerful platform for women to express themselves through poetry. All of these poems are such an inspiration.

  2. This was so moving...thank you for sharing Sis...I felt the words and depth of this piece. Keep writing!!

    1. Thank you Mama Lisa! I appreciate you so much Sis!


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