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STAY WITH IT by Leslie Caplan

I wrote this poem a few months ago when I was scrolling Facebook and found how deeply depleted we are of encouragement…

I wrote it for myself, for my son, for my friends and sisters who all seemed to be collectively struggling to strengthen their bones in the world. I wrote it for the writers and poets who drop their pens because the pens are leaking. I wrote it for humanity hanging by a thread. I wrote it to be an advocate for all of us empaths who wake up some mornings vapid and discouraged.

This poem stands today with strong, tree-trunk roots to evoke the inherent strength in ourselves to keep on keeping on and shining our depth beyond measure out into this world. I wrote this poem for you if and when you need it. 

Stay With It
by Leslie Caplan

Stay with it, darling.
You can do this.
This life, this road, this twist in it.
Stay with it.
Get onto its strong bare back
And go for a ride
with all your might
Dig into it.
Feed off it.
Ingest it.
Become it
If abandon gets the best of you,
You will misplace yourself
and time spent
becomes a loud, echoed voice
calling out your name
Stay with it.
Bring it back to here.
Right here.
In all that you know, have seen, and lived
Stay with it.
Follow it until
the grand gesture of its gift to you
is opened and received.
All the way.
Stay with it.
Look how strong to the bone you are
That warrior-hood of being alive
Turning shit into fertilizer
Roots inside of roots inside of roots,
Stay with it
This courage in you,
this companion who
will take you through
the rest of your life.
Let it linger on your breath,
orchestrate the rhythm of your
Let the steam rise and enter in
through the soul of a deep life lived
Let the weather do its thing
Let the heart lead
Thrive because of it
Let discovery
be the driving force
Forget the end result
It does not exist
Not here, not now,
Not today.
Stay with it
Lick those beautiful wounds.
Taste the iron in their blood
Write with it, walk with it
Your feet are on the ground
Your arms are winged
And your depth compares only
to that of an ocean.
Photography by Evgeny Yoroby

Leslie Caplan is a passionate writer and has been published internationally. She is a professional Writing Coach and editor who encourages and evokes the strongest, deepest expression of the writer's voice and heart.  She also facilitates writing workshops where writing is used as a tool for revealing and healing.  She lives in the small town of Ashland, Oregon and you can connect with her on her website here. 

~If you are interested in seeing your poetry appear in this blog, or submitting a poem by a woman that has inspired you, please click here for submission guidelines. I greatly look forward to hearing from you!~


  1. Oh Leslie!! These lines positively sang to me!!
    "Lick those beautiful wounds.
    Taste the iron in their blood
    Write with it, walk with it
    Your feet are on the ground
    Your arms are winged
    And your depth compares only
    to that of an ocean."

  2. Very nice, very motivational, as well it has a melodic inner rhythm

  3. Yes! Thank you, Leslie, for this song to spirit, this recognition, claiming, celebration. 'Tis a most beautiful provocation. "This companion..." we walk beside, together. Love...


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