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DEPRESSION LIES by Julia W. Prentice

(Editors note: This is National Suicide Prevention Week. The poems we feature this week are meant to contribute to raising awareness toward this cause. All are welcome to participate)

This thing I call Depression with a capital 'D' is no light topic, and is often taboo...

So even more is the topic of suicide and suicidality, which plagues many with depression.  I started to talk to my Depression as a teenager, but only very recently have shared some of the writings of dark despair.

This piece, written more recently, helps reflect on what Depression has taken, and how I must drown out its voice...banish it out of my head and heart. How I must reclaim what was stolen and find joy in it. 

Always, please know there are those who have been there, and that you and we, we are not alone.

Depression Lies
by Julia W. Prentice

It is a Liar first
Whispering nasty stories in your head
“You will never be enough” It hisses
“You are worthless” it growls
“Your are bad - you did something wrong”
It points a blaming finger at you
Calls out “You are the Lie!”
You begin to believe it

Demonic, now the Thief
Takes possession of your soul
Looting the goodness within
Replacing it with despair and loneliness
“People only pretend to like you”
“They’d be better off without you”
It has stolen your creative spark

You see your knitting lying idle
But paralysis has set in
Numbness like a slept-on arm
Your motivation purloined
The Liar, having spun skeins of deceit,
Hands them to the Thief who
Takes the needles up and knits

Stabbing, piercing
Your insides a with their points
Going to the quick and keeping on
Lick your wounds, it won’t help
Attempt to unravel tangled lies
Knots of deceit
To find the absent self
You won’t succeed

The Thief knits on;
Row after row of falsehoods
Woven inside your mind
Tangling your true self
Pulling it into the web
Of those tight-knit afghans
Black yarn blocking out
All light, all goodness
All hope extinguished

Their work done
Having embedded all the untruths
The Liar slithers off
Having robbed all expectations
The Thief absconds

Twisted, warped and wrapped
In darkest stitches
Entwined in ebon winding sheets
You are left for dead, entombed 
inside the dreaded crypt
Of your own mind

Despite this darkness and confinement
Between the bound-off lies
You find your looted spark
Your own voice whispers deep inside
‘This is what you must try to remember;
This is what you must tell yourself'
“Depression always lies”

Julia W. Prentice: A deeply feeling Cancer, Julia has been writing since her teenage years. She is the mother of three sons, has successful careers in teaching children, interpretation in sign language and assisting persons with mental health challenges to find their own paths to recovery. Living with her love and partner of over forty years has brought contentment and much fulfillment. She writes like she breathes: incessantly, some in ragged gasps, some in whispering sighs, some in mighty shouts. Always she is driven to write. Recently after taking a women’s online writing course she has heard the universe telling her to share her writings. You may find them on her blog "A Shooting Star" here

~If you are interested in seeing your poetry appear in this blog, or submitting a poem by a woman that has inspired you, please click here for submission guidelines. I greatly look forward to hearing from you!~


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