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This poem was written a day before the powerful super moon in Taurus, this last November 14th

It represents a twin flame, soul mate and lover whom I connected with on a heart, spiritual, soul and physical level. It is an expression of my total surrender to love and compassion, which was channeled from my higher self.

Sometimes our egos try to keep us deep seated in the past, attached to our fears and always questioning but I fully believe if we strip ourselves bare and come forward with raw authenticity and honesty to how we are feeling from a heart space, magic will happen and something incredible shifts around us. This is what happened to me. May my poem be a reminder to you, and all divine goddesses, that it can happen to you too, if you only remain truthful and never deny your love for someone special. 

Hopeful Surrender 
by Zoe Michael

What if you took a moment to look back on our union; 
would you see happiness, feel love and hear passion like I do?
What if you decided to switch from frightened to excited; 
would you shift as one with me on a path of powerful enlightenment? 
What if you loved me in all my true form freely; 
would you journey with me into a higher dimension of cosmic being? 
What if you shifted in perspective and saw me as a mirror radiantly reflective; 
would you allow me to teach and guide you with my best intentions? 

What if I asked you to commit to a second chance with me; 
would you step into our dance and join me freely? 
What if I surrendered to my heart’s desire 
allowing my love for you to pour out unconditionally; 
would you respect and receive it with no boundaries? 
What if I promised to fill your existence with pure light, 
creativity, sacred sexual union, 
spiritual expansion and high vibrational ascension; 
would you honor me in all of these dimensions? 
What if I expressed authentic vulnerability 
and invited you to allow another go at 'us'; 
would you open your heart to me 
allowing love to flow and rise up? 

What if we forgave ourselves,
and each other of all wrongs, 
appreciating that it was an intended journey 
of growth to become whole and strong?

What if we gave in to all expectations, 
surrendering fully with open hearts and no limitations? 
What if we made a conscious choice
 to break down our barriers;
melt away our masks 
and step out of our cages called 'fear' and 'past'?
What if we stopped questioning, 
allowing our illussional doubts to descend, 
stepping into full power and belief we could fully transcend?

What if our minds re-engaged electronically, 
allowing inner wisdom to source us accordingly?
What if our spirits became playfully reunited, 
dancing as one our inner children reignited?
What if our hearts re-connected as one;
our chakras expelling vibrant green in the purest of love?
What if our bodies became untwined once again;
intense sensuality, a spark we cannot comprehend?
What if our juices flowed into another uncontrollably,
raising our magnetic fields so powerfully?
What if our souls decided this was not the end;
that we could question and wander, 
dream and imagine, 
or we could simply surrender? 

Zoe Michael: My purpose in this beautiful earth is to powerfully heal others and spread my positive light. As gifted Reiki Healer I enjoy providing healing journeys and sound baths to my clients, bringing a sense of calm and wellbeing on a soul level. Using my singing voice (often described as angelic), I incorporate shamanic/channeled song into my treatments, adding originality and divine expression to my work. My other passion is writing and expression through voice: I am currently writing a book in which I will reveal how I came to fully forgive, accept and love myself and others after a past of darkness and trauma. Through being fully present in the now, I love to sing, dance, Create magic and surrender to all that is. If this resonates with you, and you’d like to see me for a beautiful aligned treatment then please email me on or 07514789914. I offer Reiki Healing, Shamanic sound baths, Angelic soul journey card readings, Life and spiritual Coaching and Guided meditations. 

~If you are interested in seeing your poetry appear in this blog, or submitting a poem by a woman that has inspired you, please click here for submission guidelines. I greatly look forward to hearing from you!~


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