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A WOMAN'S TOUCH by Monika Carless

A Woman's Touch…

These words floated into my awareness as I was sitting by the fire at home, dreaming about a lover. To be clear, I have a lover; a man, my partner of twenty-two years, who is the inspiration for many of my writings.

But the lover I was thinking about was the woman lover I was still searching for. I am bi-sexual, an orientation that is often difficult to express within a relationship. I am blessed that my man is devoted to my life journey and I have the freedom to be wholly myself.

I know what I feel like to my partner, and what a woman's touch means to him. I know what it means to me, to touch a woman and to be touched by one. Poetry and prose is rich in descriptions of what we women feel like physically—but we are also spiritual creatures, and when we share our bodies, we also share our divinity.

In my daily life, I practice witchcraft. It aligns me with universal mysteries. Women, to me, are some of the best magic there is. To be unwrapped by a woman is to expose one's tenderness and one's fierceness. There is no way to truly articulate what it means to be touched by a woman, because she is sharing her heart, her soul, her body and her energy.

A woman is like the circle, sacred, with no beginning and no end, she just is; and that is enough.

And so…my thoughts:

A Woman’s Touch
by Monika Carless

A woman’s touch flows from her heart.

Check in with her before you lie naked. Her heart is a changeable river of emotions. You will swim or you will drown.

She will decide.

Just surrender.

A woman’s touch is sensitive.

Intuitive and alert, she will navigate your essence and respond to what she finds.

A woman’s touch is warm.

She will pour herself into you, because she is giving by nature. 

Sparks fly from her hands and her lips. Don’t underestimate her fire.

A woman’s touch is experienced.

Her hands hold all that is sacred. All that is medicine to your body and soul.

A woman’s touch is sensual.

She takes time to explore herself and wants to explore you. Slow down. Give her room to roam the landscape of your body. Let her touch you in places that you are afraid of.

A woman’s touch is Divine.

She is Goddess. But don’t put her on a pedestal, she is Human. She’s no object for your desire. She is the deep well that you will fall into and find respite in.

A woman’s touch is soft…

…unless you ask her to be rough, and then she might surprise you. Bring her feathers, bring her whips; let her choose what she needs.

A woman’s touch is pregnant…

…with all that she is and all that she creates from the ocean of her womb. Don’t be afraid. She will let you stir her magic cauldron if you respect her power.

A woman’s touch is reverent.

She will take what you give of yourself and store it lovingly within herself. You are safe. Allow her to show her most tender side.

A woman’s touch is thirst-quenching.

Drink her in. She will satisfy.


(This poem originally appeared in the Elephant Journal) 

Photograph by Sara + Ryan Photography

Monika Carless: Monika is an incurable writer and dreamer. She lives on Bear Mountain, tucked against the woods and moss covered rocks, on the southern edge of Vancouver Island, Canada. Her search in life is for the Divine as expressed by nature, and on this path she found her joy as a solitary witch. Monika is the author of The Dark Pool Trilogy, an erotic journey into magic, past lives and polyamory. Writing is really a vehicle for Monika to teach and motivate about authenticity, love and courage. Originally from Poland, Monika uses her experiences as an organic farmer, Reiki practitioner, Holistic Nutritionist and environmental activist to color the stories and poems she pens. Currently she is a columnist at Elephant Journal. She is inspired by love, by culture, books and the beauty of nature. In those things, she finds solace and healing. Monika can be reached through her web-site Simply Solitary, or on Facebook, at The Raven and the Mystic. Her book, The Dark Pool, is available on Amazon, in Kindle or paperback editions.

~If you are interested in seeing your poetry appear in this blog, or submitting a poem by a woman that has inspired you, please click here for submission guidelines. I greatly look forward to hearing from you!~


  1. I adore this poem as well as its introduction. I have thought these things of a women; I have written them often, but never better, never quite as tactile and free. Wonderful! Linda


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