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THE WARRIOR by Micellina

During a Chakra dance training course I was dancing to rhythms of the Solar Plexus chakra...

As I was honoring the energies flowing through my mind, body, and spirit, I created a mandala. Then a title came through spontaneously to call the Solar Plexus mandala “Sun Rising Out of Me Dazzling all of Humanity”. I starting to think of what dominant feelings or emotional energy surfaced from my focus on the Solar Plexus chakra and felt hope, strength, faith, victory, valor, integrity, leadership, compassion, devotion, focus, and sharpness.  

I then started questioning what the world and the Solar Plexus chakra were asking of me, and what message they were trying to help me become more conscious of?  How can I shine love and light from my life to best reach others around me?  Where am I being called to be for purposeful work? What is my vocation at this time to give to the world?  

Throughout that week, I took time to meditate on the mandala, reviewed my questions and reflections, and evaluated how it might help to give meaning and direction to my own life. I listened for messages of how I could bring balance to my solar plexus chakra and healing harmony to the world around me. After my mediation one morning, this poem came forth from my soul that I entitled later “The Warrior”.

The Warrior
by Micelllina 

The "V" in viva, victor, vivacious, shines forth from within me
A warrior of my song, a song of myself, the leaves of my grass
Victorious victor of humanity
Starting with the rise of the rays within me
Dazzling the sunlight of divinity
Tremendous sprinkling of green sea butterfly healed winging of yellow canary like singing
Bringing forth a freedom of the double rainbow-ed dance
Finding freedom in the 4 leaf clover by chance
Happening to step upon the warlike zone
Changing the directional tone
The reverse footing of the veteran at peace
Belted number of Vietnam wasted release
A lease on life
A life now motherless and free
A moment outside of her controlling anxiety
The warrior in me steps out
Taking the long story made short extra-long round about
Journeying warrior of light
Journeying the wrong and the right
Journeying light of the sun star moon
Home bound shamanic savior of living afternoon
Glorious balance of morning and night
Merging light-the sight-the might-the calling light
Veteran of the warrior's fight
Minus the war replacing the "I"
Roar lion of the morning, noon, and night
Roar with all of your might
Warrior light illuminating points of sheer delight
For all to hear what is the way, the truth, and the light
For all to steer into their own animal call
The warrior call, called, calling home birthed groan
Infant of the womanly warriors moan
Her yellow shining light shown
Her radiance known
Her life no longer on loan
Warrior come home

Micellina is a poetess, prophet, and healer whose writing reflects her belief in the goodness of this world and the greatness which is to come. Her work can be found within the realms of your own creative spirit and in the hands of giggling children.  She is inspired by the spontaneity and courage that youth bring to new moments and sees herself as a lifelong teacher and student.

~If you are interested in seeing your poetry appear in this blog, or submitting a poem by a woman that has inspired you, please click here for submission guidelines. I greatly look forward to hearing from you!~


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