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The Moon and Mother Earth are our greatest healers... 

Sometimes when we are out of rhythm with the world, when our self-honor has fallen into neglect and our depletions and frustrations are too deep to share with another human, the Moon and Mother Earth are our greatest healers. 

The innate supportive energies that we can draw from them sustain, understand and nurture, leaving us feeling re-connected to the source of ourselves, our primal femininity. And in return we understand and feel her within us, become spiritual allies in the infinite cosmic dance, Mother and Daughter as one. 

To me, having a life without this deep spiritual connection to the Earth we walk upon, and the Moon we dream beneath, is incomprehensible, as these things  are such an intrinsic part of my spiritual path. 

The following poem, Great Mother-Earth Daughter, was penned beneath a new moon in the darkness of both a rainy winter's night and the deep sorrow of feeling that I was giving far too much for little return. My journey is blessed with the moon and the earth as my inspiration, I care deeply for both their mysteries and their unending healing magic. I hold both in absolute reverence as Divine She.

Great Mother - Earth Daughter     
by Rhea-Ruth Aitken                                                                                         

In the silence of myself
I am lying on Mother Earth
Under a dark new moon
Listening to her falling tears
Feeling her long soulful sighs
As she releases her pain
In the summer wind and rain.
I step into her rhythm
I let my own tears fall,
My own sighs ride the night
And lose themselves
In her outpouring of grief.
She and I are one this moon tide.
Our emptiness, our depletion
At giving too much
With not enough in return
Pulls us together,
Great Mother, Earth Daughter
Macrocosm and microcosm
United in feminine frustration.
How can she keep her majesty,
Her all giving, all being beauty
When all who live from her breath
Take it from her?                                                                                                                              

How can I keep my self-honor,                                                                                                                 
Respect my boundaries of peace
When about me it is taken from me?
In the silence of myself
Lying on her life filled belly
I give her all I have.
And she gives back to me.
Under the dark new moon
We sigh together in union,
A promise of mutual support
Carried away on the last gust of wind.
Our tears cease
As the last raindrop falls.
And in the quiet stillness
Her essence wafts about me
Fresh, fertile, filling my soul
With the deep and divine
That only She can give.

Rhea-Ruth AitkenSpiritual Medium, Writer, Daughter of the Goddess and all round Creatress, I am a woman who loves to weave stories, songs and poetry, commune with the Spirit World and walk with the cycles of Mother Nature and the Moon. Having embraced the wisdom of Cronehood I now am allowing time in my life to collate and birth some of my work into the world. Spirituality and creativity are ever present passions and being a channel I use writing as a spiritual practice as well as a natural focus for healing, expression and creativity, a way of being mindful of myself as a woman, of knowing and communing with the truth of my soul. Whether for reading, writing, or ritual, words are my constant companion as I walk with the Goddess daily and follow my magical pathway. Words are magical, they can transform, promote understanding, inspire and heal. Words can paint a picture in the mind and sometimes I paint that picture onto canvas too. I love to hold sacred space for women to enjoy sisterhood, sharing and self-expression.  I write for women, those beautiful sisters with whom I share my life journey. If I can touch one heart, share one word of healing or allow one woman to know herself through my work then I have accomplished my promise to Goddess to share and inspire. Find me on Facebook here. 

~If you are interested in seeing your poetry appear in this blog, or submitting a poem by a woman that has inspired you, please click here for submission guidelines. I greatly look forward to hearing from you!~ 


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