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There are days when I feel so very connected to the beautiful and brave women that have walked this earth journey before me. 

It leaves me sometimes feeling insignificant in their wake and other times inspired to make more of a difference, to step up to their lead. I feel their fears and achievements pulsing beneath my feet, touching my heart. I envision their faces and embrace their lives just for the slightest and most profound moment and always am left with the knowledge we are spiritual sisters, always leaving our sacred footprints for others to find. 


I stand in the footprints
Of so many women
My soft sole flesh
The perfect fit
My step the perfect space between.                               
I fit in all of them
Some with such sweet comfort
Some with the echoes
Of a long-ago fear.
I feel them all
These other women I did not know
Whose feet touched the earth
And left their patterns
For me to colour in
Their words for me to silently read
Their tears for me 
To pick up from the floor
In a shiny stone
And cry for them.
And on the days when
My feet blissfully linger
In the space where once they walked
I know them.
I feel myself fading backwards
To meet them
Then further still to be them.
I carry their children
And feel their wounds
I allow the sacred love
That once kept them alive
To pump through me.
We are not so different
Though our time runs
In altered dimensions       
So far away from each other
We are yet as close
As a bud and a bloom 
Just a teardrop, a heartbeat,                                 
A whispered sigh away.
When I stand in a footprint
And I feel its contours
Mould as a glove to my own
That is when my soul
Opens its arms to the journey
Of the women on whose
Hallowed roads I now travel,          
Where I find my place and honour 
From the depths of my being                                        
On the ultimate and blessed path  
Of the feminine divine,
Where I leave my own print
For the one day in another time
When a journeying woman
Will find that she and I fit.    

                 *  *  *
*You may find more of Rhea Ruth Aitken's writings in our new GODDESS anthology. For your own copy, just click hereAll proceeds from this book will be donated to the Malala Fund.

Rhea-Ruth Aitken: Spiritual Medium, Writer, Daughter of the Goddess and all round Creatress, I am a woman who loves to weave stories, songs and poetry, commune with the Spirit World and walk with the cycles of Mother Nature and the Moon. Having embraced the wisdom of Cronehood I now am allowing time in my life to collate and birth some of my work into the world. Spirituality and creativity are ever present passions and being a channel I use writing as a spiritual practice as well as a natural focus for healing, expression and creativity, a way of being mindful of myself as a woman, of knowing and communing with the truth of my soul. Whether for reading, writing, or ritual, words are my constant companion as I walk with the Goddess daily and follow my magical pathway. Words are magical, they can transform, promote understanding, inspire and heal. Words can paint a picture in the mind and sometimes I paint that picture onto canvas too. I love to hold sacred space for women to enjoy sisterhood, sharing and self-expression.  I write for women, those beautiful sisters with whom I share my life journey. If I can touch one heart, share one word of healing or allow one woman to know herself through my work then I have accomplished my promise to Goddess to share and inspire. Find me on my website, or Facebook. 

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