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WOMEN RISE ROOTED IN LOVE by AnuMa Jackie Heydemann

Women Rising Rooted in Love
From deep within the Sacred Heart of the Magdalene

Women Rise Rooted
In the Eternal Mother
To give birth to a whole New World.

Women Rise Rooted
In Mother Earth's Fertile Ground
To nourish Life within and all around.

Women Rise Rooted
In their Sacred Bodies
To honor and celebrate Themselves.

Women Rise Rooted
In their Noble Heart
To sit on the Throne of Their Divine Love.

Women Rise Rooted
In their Fertile Womb
To create from deep Darkness within.

Women Rise Rooted
In their Yoni Temple
To live from their true Feminine Essence.

Women Rise Rooted
In their Divine Feminine Soul
To embrace Shadow and Light from inside.

Women Rise Rooted
In their Holy Body Temple
To embody the Sovereign Queen within.

Women Rise Rooted
In Who They truly are
To see and guide through the Eyes of Love.

Women Rise Rooted
From within the Source of Life
To transform, to alchemize
Anything within the Cycle of Life.

Women Rise Rooted
In the Power of Love
Deeply connected to their Sisters and Brothers,
To all living Beings whatever their Form
Creating and celebrating Life
Wherever we all come from.

AnuMa Jackie Heydemann: I consider myself to be a woman upon  her path of wholeness, healing and holiness. I deeply honor Mother Earth and therefore my heart is broken by the loss of Nature's sacredness. I am a woman who is becoming a vessel of love for the Mother below and above. I am French but was born of various origins (German, Czech and Dutch), speaking, reading writing French, German and English. I am also the grateful mother of a 17 years old son. I was educated in France, Germany and the United States and have travelled to different countries in the world (Bali, Hawaï, Tunisia, England, Ireland, Switzerland...) I love writing and in gracious moments I am inspired by poetry: a way the Mother likes to speak to me. I live near the Mediterranean in the south-east of France. Nearby, there is a beach with a source coming directly from the mountains and a yoni-shaped cave. Actually, it is my temple. I love yoga, dancing, sharing in women's groups, reading, journaling...I am in contact with my deep inner JOY.

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