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FOR THE BEES by Camellia Stadts

I believe that there is a deep connection between bees and the Blessed Mother (Mary, Tara, or any other form you chose to see her as)…

I wrote this a few months back while doing a research paper on bees and colony collapse disorder for an English class I was taking. I realized that everything destructive that is going on with the bees and the whole planet Earth, can be summed up in just 6 words: Total lack of honoring the sacred. One night this poem just came pouring out of me.

This month of August is National Honeybee Awareness month, and sharing my poem here with you today is my effort in this direction.

 It saddens me to think that our planet's bee population has decreased tremendously. The little honey bees provide a valuable pollination service for us upon which fruits and vegetables depend. In the US alone, the bee population has dropped from 4.5 million in 1945, to less than 2 million now. It is very tragic how in dishonoring Mother Nature, life can take such a swift turn towards death. 

I live just on the outskirts of Detroit, Michigan and have no land for a garden much less room to tend bees as much as I would like to. But I will continue to study and write about bees, and how vital our relationship to them is, and to our own sense of the sacredness of Mother Nature.

For The Bees

Look under petals
Around the block
Down concrete highways
Through Mall parking lots

Where have we gone?
Left without a trace
We could no longer keep up
Your demanding pace

You take us to places
We don’t even know
And expect us to call
Wherever you dump us, home.

The pesticides used
You could not understand
Goucho, Poncho
They need to be banned

The sugar water you feed us
Will not keep us strong
More poison you give us
 All winter long

So where have we gone?
You ask scratching your heads
We are in the Divine Mothers arms
Where we are safe from all harm.

You will not think to look there
You are no longer wise
Your arrogance has blinded you
To your own demise. 
Photography by Lisa Saraswati Cawley

Camellia Stadts: “I live in Hamtramck, MI which is surrounded by Detroit. I am 57 years old and recently laid off from a Michigan based insurance company due to downsizing. I attend Marygrove College in Detroit and will graduate in Spring of 2014 with a B.A. in English. I have been divorced for a number of years and live with my Lab, ShyAnn and black cat, Kitty. I have 2 grown children, my son Nick and daughter Carolyn and I also have a 5 year-old grandson, Cameren. Besides writing and nature I also have a passion for knitting and crocheting.”

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  1. Thank you for reminding us of the sad plight of the honey-bee and of our interdependent relationship with this little, but most valuable, creature. I never knew that August was National Honeybee Awareness month. In the ancient bhakti-yoga tradition, this is also the time of year around which the divine is celebrated as Balarama, who is said to love honeybees!


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