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ONENESS IN UNION by Madhava Lata Dasi

 There is a Chinese saying: “For joy to happen it needs ‘two’”…

  So, in bhakti yoga, this intrinsic, joy-seeking nature of the soul causes everyone to search for love. Because God -in this act of love which is the creation- could not silence his love. And as every lover, God needed to voice his heart. And as all lovers do, he tinted his word with secrecy.  I composed this poem as an attempt to unveil this esotericism.

~Art by Indrahni Ghosh~
The tongue -which by nature tastes- meets the sweet, the flavor. After which, sweetness is experienced by the one doing the tasting. Thus rasa manifests from the union of the two. And from this union an experience of oneness occurs. But, according to the bhakti yoga tradition, rasa can occur only when there is “two”.

Rasa is a Sanskrit word for the flavor of the emotion experienced at the time of union with God. 

Rasa is of divine origin and this poem celebrates the union of the Divine Couple Radha and Krishna: the absolute cause of rasa.

Each and every one of us is made of the same nature, and therefore, we all have the capacity to taste the sweetness of rasa in exchanging love with the Supreme Divine. When this happens it is like a spiritual alchemy delivering us to where we belong. And it is written in ancient yoga texts that every so often, Krishna himself descends to this realm to awaken our love for him. 

All over the world, today is being celebrated by millions of people as the day Lord Krishna descended on this planet, over 5,000 years ago. It is called Sri Krishna Janmashtami

According to rasa theology, pleasure, joy, love, emotions and beauty are caused when "two" meet: The soul and the Supreme Divine. This continuous recurring of union throughout the universes originates in Krishna’s heart, which is always absorbed in his love for Radha.

Oneness in Union

Because the Golden of the Moon
Married the Dark of the night
the matchness of all that exists
under the skies
came into being
fragrances mix with air
the bumblebee search the flower
colors match other colors
and marry the light           
Because the whiteness of the Resplendent Moon
Blended the blackness of the Dense Night.

Because of the marriage of the Fair Princess
with the Blue Boy
union has become joy,
music worded love,
words donned poetry
and bards sang stories
at the night sky,
because of its reflection through creation
every groom has a bride,
and secrecy flavors love desires
because the White Lily in the kund unites
with the Blue Lotus
 at night.

Because the Golden moonbeam
Weaves with the deep Blue of the Ocean
what  love touches  glares, intensifies
and all that unites beautifies,
honey condenses on fire,
and swelled by rain the blackish cloud deepens
in love the heart dances and sweetens
for Oneness in Union  so manifested
Ever since the eyes of Rasa Raj
Met the rising moon-like beauty
of the Queen of Vraj.

Because the dancing King of Peacocks
Joined  the Queen of Parrots
the poet wedded the Muse,
tears never leave the eyes,
and all that qualitatively alike
when meets spumes in rasa
because the Dark Cloud Krishna always thinks
of Aurous Jewel Radha.

(Inspired by Gopala Campu Ch 35 “Marriage of Radha and Madhava”)

Madhava Lata Dasi: “Though I am originally from Italy, today I live in India in the very South, in the State of Kerala where I own a small hotel named the Paradesh Inn facing the Arabian Ocean. For 6 months it is open and our customers are mostly Yogi/Yogini who retreat in this area every year for weeks of full immersion. (For video of hotel click here) I follow Bhakti Yoga and writing poems is part of my meditation on Krishna, since I draw inspiration for my poems from the many books I read about Him.  I usually publish my poems on my blog here.

~If you are interested in seeing your poetry appear in this blog, or submitting a poem by a woman that has inspired you, please click here for submission guidelines. I greatly look forward to hearing from you!~


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