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NEXT TO ME by Vesna Anastasia Bozovic

In ancient times, there was a fine line between poetry and song, as most poetic verse first emerged as sound…

And these poetic songs were believed to come through us from a divine source. This song seems to have come to us in that way as it appeared in a very unusual and rather fascinating way I’d like to share with you.

Photograph: 'Sonja Vojvodic' by Vesna~
While entering a Hindu temple late one evening, in a very special place called Vrindavan, in India, a melody came into my mind.

Although the lyrics had already been pouring into my mind previously, the melody came to me most spontaneously, that night. Since I didn’t want to lose it, I did something I had never done before: I recorded it on my phone!

Upon returning to Europe, on the first rehearsal with my band, East Elysium, a guitarist told me that another member we call Wu, who actually makes the most of our music, had a new melody for a new song.

As I sat down to listen to this melody, I soon realized it was already known to me. It was the very same tone as the melody I had recorded on my phone a few days before in India! So naturally, when I began to sing my verses to the melody, they fit with it perfectly.

By the very next rehearsal we had the song’s whole structure and refrain. Everything flowed out very effortlessly!

The lyrics reflect the invisible, Divine Lover who is hidden inside of our hearts, and they were inspired by an artist friend of mine during my pilgrimage to South Indian temples.

 I hope this musical poem will touch you, inspiring you to feel the connection to your inner Love, and the vast range of emotions that appear in a lively heart when someone truly and totally moves us, by opening the door behind which stands that self for which we all search...
~Pictured is the artist, Vesna, in India~ 

Next To Me

You always come to the edge to hurt me

You always come to the edge to kill me

You always try to shake and alert me

You simply try to steal me...

Spellbound with magic of your words and voice

haunted whole day in my restless thoughts

from moment to moment I want to see you

another moment to feel or kill you...

I think I like you next to me...

you're non existing nor you're real

you came twisting and disappear
I think I like you next to me..

Something in you muses me now..

you far surreal on the edge of truth..

the streams of thoughts like storms of youth

your vision so different somehow..

I think I like you next to me

you're non existent nor you're real

you came twisting and disappear
I think I like you next to me..

I think I like you next to me

you're not existent nor you're real

you came twisting and disappear
I think I like you next to me..

Do you live in poetry?
Do you live in ancient times?
I live if you create me

and take me with no crimes..

I think I like you next to me..

I need your thoughts breathing and words
to know you more if ever to touch!
I think I like you next to me

I Think I Like You next to Me.
(Click play button below to hear Vesna sing her song) 

Vesna Anastasia Bozovic, also known as Vrindavanesvari Dasi, is a musician and lyricist who sings vocals and plays harmonium for the band East Elysium.Vesna lives between Germany and Montenegro (former Yugoslavia), and India. She holds degrees in English, drama and psychology from the University of Montenegro, and is passionate about engaging music upon her own spiritual path as a transformative tool. She is a searcher for truth and love on the bhakti path. You may connect with Vesna on facebook or e-mail her at

~If you are interested in seeing your poetry appear in this blog, or submitting a poem by a woman that has inspired you, please click here for submission guidelines. I greatly look forward to hearing from you!~ 


  1. thank You <3 much Love to all the poets out there and to all who read and hear our music.

  2. What an amazing story! Thank you for giving us a glimpse into how this music pours through you, and your band members, dear Vesna. It definitely has an etherial quality to it! And the imagery in the video is lovely.

    1. thank you:) for having this platform to celebrate Love and Creation that is happening in our hearts..this is an oases of freedom peace and Godliness! :*


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