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REDEMPTION by Jamie Lynn Morris

Redemption is a poem based on my personal journey with faith...

 I was born in a home for unwed mothers, and adopted at birth. Since, I found out I was adopted at 5 years old, my heritage had always been an empty void for me. 

During my childhood, I spent a great deal of time hiking and reflecting on life, so even today it is an essential part of my spiritual journey. 

I did not find God in churches or in books.
He was in each new step as I learned to
walk closer to the truth.
He whispers to me from around the corner.
He calls to me from atop the mountains.
His laughter is the melody of the stream.
His smile is the warmth of the sun.
I follow his steps through the woods.
Together we explore canyons and myths.
He rests against a rock near a gentle waterfall.
He is humble, yet divine.
He teaches with patience and virtue.
Life holds no glory or fame in the moment
of passing.  We his children are content to be
at peace in his mercy and love.  Our enemies
gather on the hills.  We pass through the mist
of his waterfall.  His angels protect us and guide
us through the darkness of the unknown.
He is the light that leads the way.
(c) 01/15/2013
(The author's poetry books available here)

Jamie Lynn Morris: Born in a home for unwed mothers, I was adopted at birth.  I grew up in the suburbs of Milwaukee WI.  I was reunited with my biological family when I turned 18.  I began writing poetry in the 7th grade.  Some of my favorite poets are Edgar Allan Poe, Pablo Neruda, Leonard Cohen, Linda Pastan, and Maya Angelou, to name a few.  In high school, I once again took up the pen, but only produced a few poems during that time.  Since about 1999, I have written a substantial amount of poetry, including 3 books, available here, and I am currently working on my 4th.  In addition, I am pursuing a Bachelor’s of History at UW- Lacrosse.  Jamie Lynn Morris is my nom de plume.  I chose to use my biological last name, to show pride in my ethnic heritage.  Since, I found out I was adopted at 5 years old, my heritage had always been an empty void for me.  Finding out the truth, has healed a lot of the emotional scars that I endured as a child.

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