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It feels sometimes vulnerable to give oneself to the world….

 To offer something like this so that everyone can look into your soul. But I am a puppet in the hands of the music, for this powerful language of the heart and soul opens me more and more: This breath, this dance, this life…There is no containing it!

So with an infinitely thankful heart, I offer my prayers and love, pouring out from every cell in my body to this vast universe, and out to my sisters, inviting your souls to dance with mine, and help bring out the visions of our divine essence.
Pictured is the artist Zola Dubnikova

My Sister From Another Mother

I dream I walk the earth
Until the souls of my feet
Become hard like shoes

Soul of my soul can open hearts
And awaken dreams

I dream of a gypsy woman
Whose eyes awaken the
Fire in the belly
The shadows dance in the firelight
The ancestors descend
Eyes dark and deep
Glisten through the shadows
Shining in the darkness

My sister from another mother
We sit together laughing,
Laughing every day
Until our bellies ache

Swirling smoke rises
And we speak of secrets of the body
In our secret language

At night we huddle together under the stars
Laughing until our eyes cry
Then the laughter becomes silence
And only the wild sounds
Of the desert night remain

You dress me in your clothes
Made of sparkling earth and star dust
We travel for hours on camels
To the belly of the desert
Where we dance around the fire

We dance and dance
 until the stars begin to spin
And the sky is set on fire

And we laugh so much we can’t stop
Only as we fall to sleep
the laughter fades to silence
On beds made of sand 

Yes, my sister
You have a look in your eyes
That bring the dead back to life

To the ones
Whose eyes set our soul on fire
Whose dance tells us
To live our deepest dreams
Whose song reminds
Us to be free:

Be with us!
Be in us:
You are us!
(Click play button to hear Zola recite her poem accompanied by her dancing) 

Zola Dubnikova is an international mystic love dance artist who delivers healing and empowerment to women through dance. Zola is trained in Middle Eastern, Persian/Central Asian, Afro-Brazilian, tribal belly dance, Congolese, West African, Capoeira, ‘gypsy’ (Romani), contemporary dance, flamenco, Afro-haitian, ballet & choreography while a student at Mills College. Zola lived in a yoga asrama at age 18, then in 2006 Zola studied in India with the Khalbelia cast or the ‘gypsies’ of Rajasthan’, and Odissi dance master, Guru Padma Charan Dehury, who initiated her as a temple dancer in the revivalist devadasi tradition. In 2010 Zola gave birth to her daughter. This birth journey, perhaps the most powerful journey of all, also deeply affected her understanding of women’s bodies and the power of dance. Since then Zola studied healing techniqueswhich she engages with women healing from sexual trauma. In 1999, Zola conducted a three-month dance project at a clinic for women called SAGE (Standing Against Global Exploitation) to bring healing movement to women who are survivors of sexual exploitation, violence and prostitution. Zola lives in Israel where she is performing and teaching all over the country with her solo show, called “Mystiqa ~ A Journey Through Time & Worlds” which includes a story-line, video projection and audience participation. Visit her at her website here, or find her on Facebook.

~If you are interested in seeing your poetry appear in this blog, or submitting a poem by a woman that has inspired you, please click here for submission guidelines. I greatly look forward to hearing from you!~  


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