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DADDY'S SHOES by Francine Larson

I had a wonderful Daddy…

He made me feel like a princess and worked so hard for our family.  I lost him just when he was going to retire from the Atlantic Coast Line at the age of 64.  Trying to get my sadness and grief on paper was no doubt healing for me.  Maybe when you read this, you will think of your own Dad, also.

Daddy’s Shoes

They were slightly scuffed and worn and now lay unmoving
Just the way Daddy had left them on the closet floor.
My heart breaking that Daddy would no longer fill them
As I longed for him to be smiling and walking through the door.

You see, just a few hours ago, my Daddy passed away
My heart was not warned that today from my life he would escape
I stared in disbelieve, my heart searching for some peace
Why did he have to leave today; Dear God why is this my fate?

No one could ever fill these shoes the way my daddy did
Toiling hard for our family each day, no matter how weary
Making sure I had plenty of what little girls need;
And calming my fears of what little girls are often leery.

 I remember the day that Daddy’s shoes carried him down the church aisle
And I was all dressed up in a veil and my white wedding dress
And hanging on to Daddy’s arm to be his little girl one last time,
And Daddy and I fighting much emotion, doing our very best.

No one else but Daddy could ever fill those empty shoes
I think I’ll just keep them in the closet for just a little while
He left an imprint in my heart, just like he left in his shoes.
I’ll visit the closet from time to time for a tear and a smile.
Actual shoes that once belonged to the author's father

Francine Larson has coauthored a book with Ray Hall called Channahatchee Letters 1858, to be published in February 2015. This is an exciting book based on Ray Hall's ancestor, Will Castleberry. Francine’s latest publication Just Beyond The Trees, is a collection of poetry that provides observations and reflections on various aspects of living that will move and inspire you in their cadence and imagery. Her other works include Embracing The Changes of Aging and Palm Harbor, (with co-author Raymond El Hall), a tribute to the people and a description of some of the events in a small Florida West Coast town. She has also authored two children’s books: Louella Who Only Liked Yellow and Taking Home Jerome. Francine has four daughters and resides in Dade City, Florida with her husband James. 

~If you are interested in seeing your poetry appear in this blog, or submitting a poem by a woman that has inspired you, please click here for submission guidelines. I greatly look forward to hearing from you!~


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