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STAR SISTER by Krista Angelique Katrovas

This poem appeared like a star on a dark night…

It was written in honor of my dear friend Stacey, who is indeed my, "Star Sister.”  Sometimes poems surface to remind others how special they are to our shared paths. Poems can shine like beacons on dark nights, and sometimes even those who often shine the brightest need a little reminding of their light. 

Star Sister
by Krista Angelique Katrovas

Though we are not sisters
by blood,
we are sisters of life,
which often runs deeper
than shared DNA.

You are my Star Sister.
You shine brightly
as you serve your elders,
when others choose to walk away.
You bring joy to their final days,
and ride the waves of emotions
that the end of life brings,
like those Floridian waters
on your long board that you surf,
“Surfer girl, Surfer girl.”

We laughed at your getting stung
by a jellyfish
in your eye
because of how humorous
you made it all sound.
You focused on the rarity
of such a thing happening
rather than on the pain of it.
You are my Star Sister
as you so often
choose to shine brightly.

You taught me,
continue to teach me,
that we, like stars, 
are, too, in need of darkness,
in order to see our brightest.

You remind me of the dark,
how its opposite, the light,
will return,
and how darkness is a blessing,
reminding us
and teaching us
of the light found
on shiny days, 
and that this is why
we need the dark days, too.

You are my Star Sister
and you shine
“Like the Moon, and the Stars and the Sun,”
you remind me
like the Beatles sung,
that “We all shine on,”
and so today,
on this dark night of your soul,
allow me to remind you,
you are a star,
keep shining,
my Star Sister,
allow me to Thank you
for teaching me,
how to shine
in both the dark
and the light. 
I stand in return
as your Star Sister
shining brightly
when your light is too dim
for you to see. 

Krista Katrovas (E-RYT) has dedicated herself to the practice, study and teaching of yoga since discovering it in 1999 after dancing rigorously as a dance major in college. Krista has had scores of articles on Yoga, Wellness, and Spirituality published in nationally regulated magazines. She has a regular column at Elephant Journal here. She has taught Yoga in Prague every July since 2009 and has been sought to teach in Kuwait, Canada, Virginia, California, Kentucky, and Florida. She calls Kalamazoo, Michigan home, where she teaches Yoga, Meditation, offers Spiritual guidance, and practices Shamanism. She has cats, though also loves dogs, all animals. Her power animal is the Snowy Owl. Visit her yoga website here.

~If you are interested in seeing your poetry appear in this blog, or submitting a poem by a woman that has inspired you, please click here for submission guidelines. I greatly look forward to hearing from you!~


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