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HER GIFT by Tara L. Alvarado

This poem is about the gift of having a strong intuition…

Some say I have a higher awareness enabling me to tap into a higher consciousness. I have always found comfort in writing, and when I wrote this poem last year, I was having rough time handling some awakening symptoms I wasn’t used to.

After reading this I knew exactly what was happening. I realized that I am to use my heightened awareness to read and interpret others, and to share my poetry and personal stories, and to overcome any fears of failure of my own. If I try I have not failed. Yet, before this realization, I was afraid to listen to what my higher self was saying.

Now, I know that I am here to help uplift inspire and empower others— especially women—to become aware of our intuitive power. Our intuition can lead us on such a wonderful spiritual journey, if we are willing and able to listen. It is a true gift.  

Her Gift
by Tara L. Alvarado

He gave her a gift.
Can she see?
Does she know?
She believes she’s receptive,
and she knows what it is but in reality she has only a vague idea.
Realizing this is just the beginning of truly understanding,
she turns to her faith and courage.
Courage to brave the storm,
and faith in that which can't be seen but nevertheless exists.

Desperate and yearning to grow beyond her current limitations,
she seeks a sense of peace and clarity.
Only to end up feeling more restricted, scared and confused.
She doesn't know what to do,
and she doesn’t know why she’s scared to believe in what she knows to be true.
But why?
She cries...

She asks for strength and prays for a spiritual intervention,
hoping for a miracle to happen.
For something or someone who can help her comprehend.
So she prays for a teacher, she seeks a leader, she needs a friend.
One to guide and enable her to define exactly what it is.

She is ready to accept, embrace and learn more.
Eager to nurture and honor the powers of her intuition,
growing mentally and spiritually as a result.
This is what she knows,
this is what she can see.
This is the gift
He blessed her with.

Tara L. Alvarado: My maiden name is Lake. I married my high school sweetheart and am a mother of two teenage boys named Angel and Gabriel. I recently decided to conquer my fear and pursue my education. I am enrolled at Kirkwood Community College here in Iowa. I love art and photography (or really< any form of creative expression!) but my real passion is spiritual journaling or poetry. I love to write! I am a successful Goddess Tarot reader and I am very passionate about, and have recently started studying, numerology. I have had some experiences throughout my life that have helped to shape and mold me into the emotional intuitive being that I am. A traumatic childhood had put me on a lower vibe in my life path but through my poetry I have found a way to find myself. I found a coping skill in writing and truly believe it helped keep me alive. I find my courage in my poetry. It is so empowering to go back and read what I just channeled through my heart.

~If you are interested in seeing your poetry appear in this blog, or submitting a poem by a woman that has inspired you, please click here for submission guidelines. I greatly look forward to hearing from you!~


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