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Magic is everywhere when we look for it with new eyes and an open heart…

I had lost the magic in my life a long long time ago. I was in a 30 year marriage where I willingly gave up pieces of myself to create an “us” and those pieces of me were clamoring to be let out and set free. My spirit would no longer allow itself to be denied. I loved my husband and family but I knew I needed more than I had been giving myself. My spiritual balance needed to be placed front and center.

When I moved to my home in the country I had an undeniable knowing that I’d lived on this land in a previous incarnation. As Spirit began to make itself known more and more, I discovered a deep connection to the Angels and Faeries I never could have dreamed of or even suspected existed. Spirit was fully planted back into my heart and soul and now I celebrate it daily.  

Last summer we suffered two major forest fires just miles from my home. One particular forest trail held magical faery communications. I had not been back to see if it survived the fires, mostly out of fear the Fae did not return. Then our cat got sick suddenly and we had to say goodbye to him. My heart was broken. I knew I had to return to the Forest Fae and see if I could reconnect and find healing.  
Midsummer Eve by Edward Robert Hughes

Walking with the Fae
by Suzan Tyler

Today I took a walk with the Fae 
The trail had been blocked from forest fires last year 
For a year I did not have the courage to see what damage had been done 
to my favorite walking trail, yes it was fear. 
Fear of what I would find. 
Fear that my heart would break even more 
if I discovered the Fae had not returned and the trees had burned. 

You see, yesterday I had to say goodbye 
to my Spirit Cat, Sunny. 
A gorgeous Orange Tabby who chose us 
to live out his last days just a year ago. 
Sunny lived a good life with us,  
spoiled and loved, even with the dislike of the other  
cat in the house who did not care to share. 
Still, he was my Spirit Cat. 
He loved laying across my crystal grids and Angel Cards 
Falling asleep in the peaceful energy of love and healing 
they always bring to whomever I’m reading for.   
He would doze all day long on my desk or on my office chair 
without ever caring about much else except for food and  
going outside to hunt and lay in the sunshine. 
He was very much like me. 
He needed to feel his feet in the cool grass, dig his toes into the damp dirt 
get grounded, feel whole, feel connected. 
His need to be outside but stay close was a sweetness we could not deny. 
So it was that I needed to reconnect with the Fae in the nearby Forest. 
I needed to put my feet on their sacred ground, 
to feel my roots blending with the majestic trees, 
to reach to the sky to feel the heavens 
and to feel the embrace of the purest vibrations of love I can find 
while honoring the life and love he brought to us in such a short time. 

I knew, if anyone would understand the healing my heart needed,  
it would be the trees, the rocks, the river and the Fae.   
There is a spot on this trail where magic happens.
A fallen tree, its roots gnarly but strong, with spirit all around him. 
With trepidation I approached 
up a hill, around a bend, my heart pounding 
my throat tight, would I ever reach him? 

I’m stopped in my tracks. 
Guardians, Keepers of the Gateway to higher vibration 
stood sentry, one on each side of the trail. 
To my left was a man, bearded, full bodied, 
with a ball of energy below his feet. 
To my right, up the tree over my head 
stood a monk, his robes covering him head to toe 
his silence speaking volumes to those who will listen. 

I request permission to pass into this higher plane. 
The monk nods in approval. 
What is your name, I ask, curious as he feels so familiar. 
I AM St Francis of Assisi, at your service. 

Oh St Francis!  You are my patron saint!  
All of my life I have loved you! 
He smiles and sends me on my way. 
I get myself grounded, I pull in my dogs energy too. 
She will travel with me on this journey to higher vibrations. 
We step through the portal which to anyone without eyes to see 
would only see the trail, but I saw much more. 
I saw Spirit dancing above me, a mist of energy floating overhead. 
I saw the magic of the trees transform themselves into Unicorns,  
Buffalo, Camels, Dragons of lore. 
I felt the lifting of my vibration higher and higher 
Every cell in my body tingling and vibrating as I felt the embrace of the Fae. 
Spirit was everywhere in this magical spot and I was there to be healed. 

I kept walking this magical trail, up, down and around the bends 
until I saw him. 
He still stands. 
His presence is magnificent.   
His energy is palpable. 
His love is overflowing. 
I reach out to touch him. 
Energy shoots down into my hand, up my arm and out of my opposite leg. 
I know he is helping me.   
I simply allow while I sob in gratitude that he exists beyond the veil. 

My walking companion touches him. 
She sees freedom as eagles fly and  
owls present their wisdom. 

I brought an offering, a gift for the Fae and the Forest.   
I kneel down and dig at a small hole at the base of one of the roots. 
I pull out my sack and give my thanks for the healing of the forest. 
I give my gratitude this part of the magical forest is safe, fire did not harm it. 
I offer a daisy from my yard to represent the love of life. 
I give an orange petal from my favorite plant in my yard to represent the warmth of the sun. 
Next I bury White Sage, so that all who touch this forest is purified and cleared of negativity. 
I offer a slice of Larimar, representing water and the healing of emotions. 
I finish with an offering of clear quartz crystals to strengthen the offering to infinity.   

As I stand back, my dog, a spirit watcher, approaches Arthur and smells all around. 
She recognizes the Fae who are there, and she greets them with her nose.   
Satisfied, she steps back. 
I give my thanks to Arthur for holding the sacred energy of this forest. 
I give my thanks to the Fae for returning after the fires raged last summer. 
I give my love to all who can hear me and thank them for their help. 
The energy continues to flow, tingling through us, rippling love bubbles into our hearts. 

As I walked with the Fae I felt lifted, healed 
my heart not so broken anymore. 
I walked out of the forest knowing that Sunny was safe  
and that my heart was healing. 
I entered the forest sad that I could not help Sunny heal. 
I walked out of the forest grateful that I had what time I did have with him. 

Magic is everywhere. 
We just have to have eyes to see. 
You have to believe it to see it. 
If you don’t believe in magic, you will never know it. 
But when you do believe, you will see it.  
This is the lesson of the Fae.   
Start believing, they will help you along the way.   
The Faiiry Grove by Howard David Johnson

Suzan Tyler: As the sole care giver for a family member who struggles from a multitude of health concerns, finding my own joys and discovering my truths was pushed so far to the back I had no idea who I was anymore.  Spirit had other plans for me. I discovered and reconnected with the Angelic and Faery Realms. It was like riding a bike. My inner knowing took to it instantly, with very little effort. Rediscovering the Magick of higher dimensions saved my life and has given me back my voice. I spend a lot of time writing short stories, books, poems or simply journaling to pour my heart out so I can continue to do what needs to be done at home. In writing, I can get clear, I can express myself long enough to hear my own thoughts without other peoples agenda. The gift is remembering who I am.

~If you are interested in seeing your poetry appear in this blog, or submitting a poem by a woman that has inspired you, please click here for submission guidelines. I greatly look forward to hearing from you!~


  1. I loved reading this post and poem. A delightful story poem.

    1. Thank you so much for commenting Sabra. I appreciate you taking the time to read my story.

  2. Suzan, your story poem is so moving and beautifully written. I love it.

    1. Rochelle, your comments touch my heart. Thank you so much!

    2. Lovely! I know the Irish believe in the faerie folk, enough that they actually build roads "around" the faerie trees. And share interesting tales about things being moved around if you block a "faerie path." I love these tales, for in them lies the magic that lightens our hearts and lightens our load. Thank you for sharing this!

    3. Thank you Ginny, so much! The more they contact me, the more I want to do to assist them. It has been an amazing experience.

  3. Thank you, Suzan, for keeping Magic alive. Such a Beautiful sharing of your healing experience. :)

    1. Thank you Debora, I'm headed to the trail again tomorrow, perhaps I'll be blessed with another insight!

  4. Thank you, Suzan. That is heartwarming and hopeful story. For my losses and nature's losses! Sandi

    1. Thank you Sandi. I think Nature holds so much more than we give it credit for.

  5. Love your story, this is such a magical spot, thanks for sharing your experience.


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